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1.0 Summary of article

The article written by Monica Cojocaru (2011) entitled “Cultural Globalization in the Context of International Business” has been published for Review of International Comparative Management at Volume 12, Issue 5 and on pages 993 to 999. This article aims to identify the significant relationship between cultures of globalization in the context of international business. The question of research is also stated by researchers that why global can be sold to individual customers and what is the role of knowledge in respecting the culture or the individual cultural. The question is solved by explanations through the research and stated in this article. Researchers also explain what globalization means by some of the other researchers. According to Monica Cojocaru (2011), globalization can be defined as a phenomenon for evolutionary transition to a new level of contemporary society in Malaysia in terms of economic, socio-political and cultural systems. Next is a global concept that embraces a globalization process involving economic, political, geographical and technological developments that also influence and create competition in the business. In this study also cited the statement from Giddens (1991), the main element in globalization research is the emergence of a global system capable of forming a social sequence.

Furthermore, researchers also describe the cultural sites in globalization which are influenced by several cultural factors in the market system, international trade, international investment and others. The combination of globalization and culture includes some other points such as Langness (1980), globalization as a heterogeneous cultural process to enhance the variety and diversity of cultural products and normally thinking customer is king. Here after, globalization as a cultural homogenization that threatens local culture (Western / American Model which is McDonald’s). And lastly is globalization as a cultural hybridization of cultural mixtures for generating global melange. Researchers also believe that globalization is related to the economy, culture, opportunities for development and at the same time involves opportunities in standardization, closure in the country and identity for the culture. Even in the global context, culture becomes the additional variable and conditions that international companies must consider.

As conclude, researchers have realize the results of analyzes undertaken by the penetration of local culture by the global culture and the global business environment are also different which depend on the variety of reaction, whether passive, participating or conflict by the acceptance of the cultural area. The researchers found three basic points from the results of this study is technology in modernity is inevitable and it is also a method for improving existing weaknesses. The second is that although the model has cultural, community and international business differences, it is also necessary through a continuous process of transformation. And the third is setting the conditions for the axis optimization for business continuity is at the resistance level in the change that involves modernity.
2.0 Comments/Critiques

Research conducted by Monica Cojocaru (2011) on Cultural Globalization in the context of International Business has been described in contexts of analysis to the questions identified by researchers. The combination of globalization and culture is a broad aspect as the global environment involves an international business that will focusing on economy and commerce, socio-political and technological developments, while cultural aspects involve cultural, community, geographical factors and cultural uniformity. Basically, globalization has involved with a process that is capable of creating an evolution to all of which embraces factor diversity leading to a new transformation. Therefore, I feel the scope of globalization described by this researcher needs to be further developed so that globalization involving this culture can be seen from some other factors that cause the formation of the evolution.

In fact, researchers have outlined three cultures that play a role in globalization which is heterogeneous culture, homogenization culture and hybridization culture that shape the basis of globalization and culture. The approach used by researchers is also concerned with the description given in the context of globalization and culture. In addition, researchers also explain the culture in different perspectives where some researchers have stated that economics and politics are two different fields which is the economy is a field that involves material needed and political needs is a field linked to the distribution of power in and between communities. With this effect has influenced the cultural aspects as a whole and in the cultural analysis involving civilization has also affected globalization. While in the second perspective, it involves cultural and international relations that are cultural differences and cultural development without a clear timeframe. I agree with explanations provided by researchers whose culture and globalization are capable of creating a culturally diverse culture and colonizing the local culture in the perspective of globalization as a cultural imperialism whose global cultural vision is influenced by local cultural systems through the existence of transnational cultures which also have two ways relationships with local culture.

In conclusion, researchers have assumed that the penetration of local culture by global culture and the difference in the global business environment depends on the category of reaction which is passive, participating or conflicting for the acceptance of cultural areas. Researchers have also pointed out three basic things that technology is seen as a way to improve self and business in modernity, although the approaches used are different from culture, society and business in the international phase but the process of transformation needs to be continued. In fact, the criteria for placement in business balance and sustainability are a barrier to change in modernity. I seen the researchers focus and committed on the research conducted by the researcher to giving his views and analysis on this study.

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