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1. The faculty members boycott the lecture series as the dean exaggerated the scholars guest presence over its own faculty members and he also questioned the effectiveness and knowledge of his own university faculty. In dean memo it sounds like that the dean is the sole authority to decide about the whole program scenario, He doesn’t consult with his fellow faculty member, it also observed that dean is highly excited about this lecture series in this excitement he overlooked his faculty member ideas and approach to be included in his memo, He also proclaimed that the “University get more benefits as of now” which may not be liked by the other faculty member as it questioned about the dedication of the other faculty members to the university, At last in his memo he quoted that “Representatives of out faculty will serve as university hosts for these scholars”. This statement may be the most prior reason which the faculty of the university feels offended as the dean may does a mistake in writing the memo as he wrote out instead of our, it may be the typing mistake but it changes the meaning of the whole sentence.

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