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1. Employees’ Approach
By using employees’ approach method, they will interact and gain the Company’s experience and the values of how they relate to the customers. The Company have investing and creating a unique relationship with the staff and getting them to understand that first is the primary target to exceed the expectations of the employees and then of the customers to gain some profits for the organization.
2. Core Competence and Visions
Starbuck’s primarily role or responsibility is to ensure that the organizational culture is compatible with the kind of people that they want to attract and retain and also they tries to create a sense of belonging and build a sense of trust and confidence in what the Company stands for with the employees and customers. The reason that their customers come back is the quality of the coffee, experience, and the employees. Having a good leadership and management approach to the customers of the Company has created a great success of the brand with a clear vision of core competence. Starbuck’s motivation is to develop the most recognisable brand was also based on the good planning and positioning strategy of the organization.

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