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28 May 2018
Dear Sir,
I am pleased to inform you that your last tactical training was very successful.

At the bigining of my letter I would like to express my thanks to all of the participants of the training. In the first place it is very important to say that the training was very successful. However, the letter is mainly address to you and your subordinates. What I want to say is that my thanks belongs to you and all of the participants for what you achieved at the training.
At the and of my letter I would like to ask you for any suggestions. The first thing that comes to my mind is to show your quality at any international exercise abroad.
I hope you will think over my suggestion.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully
Zdenek Sladek
The insurace companies come up with the new statistics that around one third of Czech drivers are reckless. The statistics also says that the number of recklessness drivers is raising. What can be done effectively to reverse this trend?
There are two sides of the coin. On one hand, we know that this alarming situation is getting out of the control. The number of reckless drivers on our road is increasing each year by 3 percent. These statistics are showing numbers for the last 5 years. The reckless drivers are not feeling any responsibility for their behaviour on the roads. The causes and sources of it are in less experienced drivers aged from 18 to 25.
On the other hand, careles drivers says that thier dissatisfaction with the situation on the roads is caused by the legislation process. The long-term process of approval the new legislation is one problem. However, the main idea that is missed and dissatisfied many ordinary people is a punishment. The punishment is at the lower level and this is the main think to be considered.
At the and of my essay, I would like to say that my ipinion on the actual trend on the roads we faced now is caused wrong legislation process. From my point of view I do not think the legislation process will change during next 3 or 5 years. What is more, before the government assume any decision the first thing they should have to do is to strenghten the power of the Police. Their possibility to punish cereless drives is at the lowest level since the Revolution and does not seem to be better in the future. This is not positive for careful drivers.

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