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4) When working in a prison, you will receive hateful criticism, insults, your be spit at, cussed from the offenders. You can’t allow yourself to take all this and more personally.

It was a Friday morning, and I was walking to visit a new offender in one of our dorms. When passing South dorm I heard an offender screaming out obscenities through his window. The next thing I knew there were others joining in.

It’s important to remember never allow such negative behavior and talk To cause you any grief and your spiritual walk.
,and remember their selfishness is about them, not about you. Yes, this is very difficult to put into practice. When you are the target of the other person’s complaints, and especially their sarcasm, it is very hard not to take it personally. Try, however, to remain objective and assess whether there is any rational basis for the criticism. When the criticism is unfounded, know that the other person is simply venting their own pent-up hostility in your direction, and don’t take it personally.

5) When you are able to take these insults and Negative statements and remind yourself that this person may have grown up in an environment of poor thinkers. Maybe this person, like yourself, lived with a family of negativism. If so, it will help you to file away those statements under “Pray for.” You will be surprised how well this will help

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