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A Report On-
Rolling Barrier
Under subject of
B. E. III, Semester – V
(Automobile Branch)
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1. Nirmal Ardeshna 160010102002
2. Maharshi Gohil 160010102009 3. Rajan Jamadar 160010102015
4. Darpan Patel 160010102028
5. Kaushal Patel 160010102037

Mr. Kuldip Patel
(Faculty Guide)

Dr. Sudhir Gupte
Head of the Department
Academic year (2018-2019)
We would like to acknowledge our deepest appreciation to all those who provided us the possibility to complete this report. Many people, especially our classmates, have made valuable comments and suggestions on this project which gave us an inspiration to improve our canvases. We thank all the people for their help directly or indirectly to complete our Design Engineering 2-A project.

A special gratitude we give to our internal guide, Mr. Kuldip Patel, and faculty coordinator of DE2-A, Mr. Samarth Shelat, whose contribution in stimulating suggestions and encouragement helped us to coordinate our design engineering project.

1. Introduction4
2. Canvases5
3. Prior Art Search 10
4. Pre-Design12
5. Summary15
1. Introduction
DESIGN THINKING is a concept of observing the problem faced by humans in their routine life, understanding and learning it by deep thinking and finally coming up to a solution, by which it will make their life simpler and easier. It will not only help them but also might bring revolution in that particular field. The place of DESIGN THINKING is very important to students, as it will make student think for the betterment of the society. This will also give the exposure to the real problems faced by the world around them. In very tender age it will give lot of experience by interacting to people, in other words it will make them think out of box.
The reproduction of another manufacturer’s product following detailed examination of its construction and composition is called reverse engineering.

For our project first, we went through lot of research papers related to Rolling Barriers, also we watched few videos related to it. Many mechanisms were observed each of them being unique and having their own limitations. By doing this we are now having idea of different mechanisms for barriers already into existence. Also, for our own design we can use it as a reference and sort out the things and come up with the best possible design.

As we know that DESIGN ENGINEERING is not a work of single person. A team is must require for this. In a group of four members one or two can think about mechanical design of the product, one can think about electrical system of it, one must work on good communication and speech; other can keep records of expenses or must be good in technical stuff. So, in short, the team should be effective and creative in all the senses.

2. Canvases
2.1 AEIOU Canvas

In this canvas, activities, environment in which the application works, interactions between users and application, objects and users are defined.

2.2 Mind Map

Mind mapping is a great way to brainstorm, make a plan, or turn ideas into the steps needed to make it real. It is a technique of visual representation to show relationship between various ideas, concepts or other information. It helps project planning, collecting and organizing data, brainstorming and presentation. It helps to solve problem, find resources.

2.3 Empathy Mapping Canvas

Our domain is rolling barriers. As we know there are a number of barriers available so we listed out the activities our barrier would perform. As we need to focus on people’s emotions we wrote happy and sad story which help us to get more attached with users.

2.4 Ideation Canvas

Ideation canvas helped to identify new users other than the users in empathy canvas example, entrepreneurs. Also, the situations or problems the users or developer may face were identified. We also listed out the possible solutions to it. We explored various approaches to innovative thinking and techniques for idea generation from arrange of sources.
2.5 Product Development Canvas

In this canvas, we could define the purpose of our application, who will be the users, how the application will be beneficial to the users, how the application will function, its features, the components used and certain features that should be resigned and retained.

3. Prior Art Search:
Every year, approximately 1.25 million people die as a result of a road traffic crash. To prevent vehicles from driving off the road, strong metal bars, commonly referred to as guardrails, run along a road’s edge.

According to Federal Highway Administration, the guardrail can operate to deflect a vehicle back to the roadway, slow the vehicle down to a complete stop, or let it proceed past the guardrail. But the guardrails cannot completely protect against the situations drivers may find themselves in. The size and speed of the vehicle can affect guardrail performance.

Typical guardrails composed of steel plates cannot guarantee a drivers’ safety. Softer guardrails protect drivers from shock and provide opportunities to save more drivers’ lives.

Rolling guardrail – how does it work?
The rolling barriers do more than absorb impact energy. They convert that impact energy into rotational energy to propel the vehicle forward rather than potentially breaking through an immovable barrier.

A rotating barrel made of EVA (Ethelene vinyl acetate) with excellent shock absorption power, three-dimensional buffering frames and dense props supporting the frames. Rotating Barrels comes with an attached reflective sheeting for good visibility
EVA has a better flexibility and elasticity compared to other polyethylene resins and has most similar features to rubber. In fact, it’s lighter than rubber and more elastic than urethane. In short, it’s not easily damaged.

When a car hits the guardrail, the rotating barrel converts shock from the vehicle to rotational energy. Upper and lower frames adjust tires of large and small vehicles to prevent the steering system from a functional loss.

Railway rails and liquid props absorb shock from accident vehicles, and frames with the smooth surface adjust tires of the vehicles and guide them in the moving direction to prevent second rear-end collisions. The three-dimensional structure of the D-shaped frame and buffering bracket distribute and absorb the second shock.

Props at an interval of 0.7 m increase bearing power to prevent vehicles from further derailing. As the props are independent, only damaged parts need to be replaced. This keeps maintenance costs pretty low.

4. Pre-Design
4.1 LNM

The LNM canvas is used to show the total summarized domain. Sections like purpose, software simulation, application, component materials’ strength criteria, applicable standards and design are the different parts which states the total working of the domain. It contains three stages which are to show the work done on the domain in the past, present and the future.

4.2 Prototype

This a two-dimensional prototype which shows the working of the rolling barrier.

4.3 Pre-Design Calculations
4.3.1 Technological
Technically, the product sounds very well as the product’s concept has not been defined before. The concept of adding rollers to the barrier has not been kept before. As the users are safe and not in harm’s way, the product sounds good technically.

4.3.2 Aesthetics
Taking the help of some very good software which have a very good designing features like Solidworks, Creo etc. the product assures it to be having a good design and the product would have good looks, the radium strips help to enhance the visibility of road border at night.

4.3.3 Ergonomics
As the product is designed for the safety and prevention for humans itself, the product will surely be useful. The product provides features like shock absorption and stopping of vehicle which reduces fatality and damage.

4.3.4 Environment
As the product does not involve use of hazardous substances into it, such as chemical dyes and hazardous inks to print or design, it would be an environment friendly. The product once manufactured will have to be replaced after many years so there will be minimum wastage of material.
4.3.5 Cost
The product will not be very expensive in price but also at the same time, will not be a cheap product. It will be affordable for mass production.

5. Summary
Various designing aspects were considered and the product likely covered most of them. Some of the features may be existing but there is still a lot of scope left for its improvement.

Though some higher initial investments maybe required but human life is priceless.

A rolling barrier is a road safety project which will provide safety to the road travellers. They will not get heavily injured preventing loss of life and medical expenses. Their vehicles will face less damage during accident and thus owners will not have to pay high amount of money for repairs. We are planning to design our product in such a way that it will work better than the existing product.

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