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(i)Title Slide and Description of the job
Aircraft pilot is the career that I choose for my research. An aircraft pilot is someone who operates an aircraft and by directing the flight control. Pilots fly a variety of air planes and they are employed in both civil and limitary aviation sector. An aircraft pilot fly passengers and cargo from a destination to another domestically or internationally for various purposes such as business, commercial or leisure. Two pilots are usually assigned to operate an aircraft. One of the pilot will be titled as the captain also known as the leader on board while the other is the first officer. One of the pilot will operate the controls while the other will communicate with the air traffic control and complete the paperwork. From time to time, the pilot will take turns to fly the plane to avoid fatigue. Pilots have responsibility of ensuring the safety of crew and passengers on board and full control of operating the aircraft in a safe and efficient manner.
(ii) Skills and Duties needed for an Aircraft Pilot First, a pilot needs to have the ability to communicate clearly. Communication skills is important in every job especially for a pilot. Incorrect of incomplete pilot communication turns out to be a major factor of a flight accident and incident. Secondly, a pilot must have the skill of situational awareness. Pilot must be aware of everything that is going on throughout the flight especially those factors which will affect the safety of the passengers such as the aircraft system, the environmental awareness and so forth. Thirdly, a pilot must equip a decisiveness and quick-thinking skills. Decision making is very challenging for pilots as time and resources are their major constrains. When they encounter obstacles or emergency, not only they have to follow the procedure but also to make the right decision. And of Couse pilot needs to have a good leadership skill. Every aircraft has a leader and only one which is the Captain, he/she must provide a safe atmosphere, as well as commitment and passion for the role. The team will only recognize and respect the command if his/her will lead to an increase in their chance of safety and success. Finally, pilots must combine their mathematic and creative skills. Pilot needs to perform mental arithmetic calculation efficiently and to know the procedures and the checklist, but sometimes they have to deviate from them and think out of the box with their own creativity.

The pilot must create the flight plan based on details like the altitude for the flight according to the weather, which route to take and the amount of the fuel needed based on the journey. Pilots must supervise the loading and fueling od the aircraft and making sure the fuel level balance safety s achieved. Most importantly, all safety system must be checked whether are they all working properly. Before the flight, pilots have to brief the cabin crew and maintain a regular contact throughout the flight. Pilots must carry out a pre-flight check on the navigation and operating system too before taking off. Communication with the air traffic is a must especially taking-off and landing. Pilots also must make regular check on every aspect that will affect the aircraft negatively during the flight such as the technical performance, weather and air traffic. Lastly, update the aircraft logbook and prepare a report after the flight noting any issue faced during the flight.

(iii)Education/Experience for an Aircraft Pilot
To be a pilot, an individual has to go through a training program. To begin the aircraft pilot training course, an individual has to obtain 5 GCSE’s from grade A to C while English and math is compulsory. While for A-levels, individuals will need at least two subject, Math and Physics is compulsory. A degree is not necessary to apply for the training course but a degree holder in Aviation management and Aircraft engineering will have the advantages ahead of others especially on the theoretical side of the training. But to be a commercial airline pilot an Airline Transport Pilot License or ATPL is needed. Students who graduated from a flight school will eventually obtain both CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and IR (Instrumental Rating) which form the Frozen ATPL. To unfreeze ATPL, the individual has to accumulate a total of 1500 hours of flight time and a Full ATPL will be issued to the individual. A full ATPL holder will be qualified to hold the position of a captain in an Aircraft. Before the training begin, the individual must go for a medical check before he/she is able to obtain the ATPL.

There are two types of courses available to achieve an ATPL, which is the module-based training and an integrated course. Both courses incorporate both practical and theoretical based training. The different between these two courses is that the module-based course has the requirement that an individual must already hold a private pilot license and have completed a 150 hour plus of flight time before heading to the practical element course training, it is more affordable and less expensive compare to integrated courses and has more time flexibility. While the integrated course, an individual won’t need any previous experience to begin the training and the course takes a shorter time to finish but it is more expensive compared to module-based training.

(iv)Outlook and Salary earned in this profession
Based on my research, the demand for aircraft pilot is quite high in future especially in this coming 10 years’ time. This is because passenger air traffic is expected to grow double in size of the commercial aviation industry over the 20 years. Based on analysis 255 000 new pilots are needed globally over the next 10 years to sustain and grow the commercial airline industry. Moreover, a big percentage of about 40% of the pilots are above 50 years old which means they will retire soon at the age of 65. With both factor of a growing of commercial aviation industry and the number of senior age pilots proven that the demand for pilots is high in the future. Based on research, it also shows that the estimated number of active pilots grew from year 2017 to 2027 will be in a difference of 150 000 pilots. Which means an increment of pilots from 290 000 (in 2017) to 440 000 in 2027). So, it is likely to get a job as a pilot after graduated.
For a fresh new pilot, the starting salary will be about RM4000. But if the pilot more experience and hold the role as a first officer, the pilot will be able to earn an amount of about RM8000. After a pilot’s ATPL is ‘unfreeze’ and is promoted to a captain, the pilot salary of the pilot will increase. The salary of a captain can be between RM10 000 to RM 30 000. Depends on company, some starting salary will be lower compared to other company but further training for the pilot will be paid by the company. Pilots salary is usually incremental, as it rises every year serving the same company. Moreover, there are also some other incentive given to the pilots like flight allowance, pension, discounted airline travels for them and their immediate family.

(v)Why I picked this career (not just for money)
The reason I choose to research the career of a pilot is because it’s a special type of job compared to other career. First, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the world which no other occupation can offer you with. During the night, when everything is black with the moon and stars shinning bright like you never seen before. Moreover, I cannot imagine how magnificent it will be during sunset and sunrise while flying on top of the layered clouds. How great it is to sit in the cockpit enjoying the view, such priceless opportunity. Secondly, flying a plane is such a cool job. I bet kids looking at the pilots wearing their neat uniform looking so professional and they will admire them and hope to be a pilot in future too. Being the man who control a giant is so challenging to take the plane off and land it successfully. Life of others are on us, and the pilots must be responsible for the passengers’ safety. Thirdly, the knowledge gain by a pilot is not only good for their expertise but also on their daily life. For example, the ability to plan, staying organized and making good and efficient decision. In addition, being a pilot give us an opportunity to travel the world. Explore the world, widen our knowledge with the outside world by sightseeing or so call having a mini vacation to explore others’ culture.
Yes, I am still interested in pursuing this career. This is because this career takes a shorter time to graduate compared to other studies. Moreover, the demand of pilot is much needed, so I am certain to have a job in future after I graduate. This career is special for its working environment and the nature of the work. In addition, I will also have the chance to travel the world while working.

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