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A.Background of the Study

Tourism is a major force in any economy in the world; it is one sector of the economy that has a global importance. The activity of tourism is considered most important than production regarding to the economic aspect and social as well.I n this world of globalization where change is constant, tourism tends to improve the economy of the third world countries and also have an impact upon the host community. Tourism is the largest and fastest growing industry in the world. International organizations support tourism for its contribution to world peace, poverty alleviation and also intermingling of people and culture.
The Philippines has garnered numerous titles related to tourism, namely, the traditional capital of the world’s festivities, the capital of the western Pacific, the centre of Hispanic Asia, the Pearl of the Orient Seas, center of the Coral Triangle, and the capital of fun, luckily we blessed with great heritage and tourism potentials, ranging from different cities and their resources. Philippines was truly blessed to surrounded by lots of natural resources and beautiful views over the ocean or land to contribute for the success of the nation.Tourism creates jobs and source of internal revenue for host communities through money generated from games reserves, and inflow of tourists from abroad.
The aim of this research was to assess the importance of tourism in our economy, it gives information of how the tourism affect the growth of the economy in the Philippines.

B.Statement of the Problem

The objective of this report is to identify the tourism significance in the economy of the Philippines.
Specifically it will answer the following question:
1.What are its positive impacts in our economy?
2.Who will be the benefactor of these positive impacts?
3.What is the role of tourism in our economy?

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