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Abstract- “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can transferred from one form to another form”. Wind energy is traditionally harvested by using wind turbine to generate electricity. The artificial tree are made from plastic and Aluminium or GI sheet. The man made tree is constructed in such way that the several leaf shaped aeroleaves are placed in the form of tree called wind tree. The plastic leaves or GI sheet (which serve as turbine blades) are painted green its look like a normal leaf but it placed in vertically manner. Wind Tree uses tiny blades housed in the aero leaves to generate power from wind energy. The power generation does not depend on wind direction. In this system we have used tree shaped structure leaf shaped mini turbines called aero leaves. These turbines are of savonius type turbine and it will catch the wind from all directions. When the wind blows, the leaf turbines rotate and quietly produce the energy. As the rotation of the turbine take placed it induces emf in generator. It concludes that, the power generated from wind tree is environmental friendly, it does not generate any type of green house gases, mainly it generates power with least noise and it can be installed at different locations.

Keywords– Vertical axis wind turbine, Savonius type, Aeroleaves

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