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Anorexia Nervosa is mostly seen in upper middle class female adolescents, although there are circumstances boys are affected, this condition is characterized by extreme weight loss with no underlying physical cause.
Anorexia usually begins with moderate efforts to lose with moderate efforts to lose weight and progresses to an obsession with any weight gain causing severe anxiety. With this condition, any weight loss reduces anxiety. Huger is extreme and always present. These affected individuals are obsessed with being thin. Most of these individuals have distorted body images and see themselves overweight, even after they are dangerously thin.
Anorexia is a long term psychological problem, which usually involves complex family relationships. These individuals must be treated before long-term counseling can begin. Most severe cases require hospitalization. During hospitalization, the individual can have an NG tube, or G-Tube placed, to ensure nutrition is entering the body.
There are some signs and symptoms that one person can look out for. These symptoms include, extreme weight loss, weakness, fatigue, light headedness, thinning hair, dry skin, severe dental problems, and excessive exercising. Life threatening complications include lowered blood pressure, bradycardia, low potassium, and congestive heart failure. Death also can occur.

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