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Arguments for
More opportunity to teach work instead of having a week or more off for exams.

Exams bring about stress and sleepless nights to students, which can affect their emotions and feelings and also their performance in the examination.

A lot of things we study are not required much in the working world.
Arguments against
It assesses students’ performance and ability, how well the students are learning and how good the teachers are teaching.

Exams test students’ skills and examine a greater range of skills.

Students become more responsible.

It is an efficient way to measure students’ knowledge.Exams encourage students to study harder and smarter in order to get good marks in them.

Examinations are very important. Everyone, in some point in their life has taken an exam, whether it be a young child or an adult. However, some do not agree that exams are important. Most people become frustrated and nervous when they hear the word ‘exam’, but it is a big part of the education system that all students have to go through. Some students think that examinations can cause them to become stressed. They have to wake all night studying just because they have exams the next day. Well, students should know how to manage their time, so they would not feel stressed. Exams could have a big impact on everyone’s life. In my opinion, examinations should not be abolished for many good reasons.
The main aim of exams is to assess students’ performance and ability. It also tests how well the students are learning and how good the teachers are doing their job. By doing exams, teachers can know which students are weak and who are better in a certain subject area. For example, if a group of students do an exam, and most of them scored low in that subject, the teacher would be able to know what topics the students need help in. It can also encourage the teachers to improve their teaching methods to get the students to the top. Students write examinations by themselves. They use everything they know. They study more to ensure they get good grades. They will go through all of their notes that were given by the teacher. Examinations can also test their understanding skills.

Next, examinations are essential because they may test a great range of skills and it can be an efficient way to measure students’ knowledge. Exams improve the students’ responsibility. Students become more responsible with their work because they want to receive good grades. They gather all their notes and make sure they are on top of things. Some students who do not understand homework may ask someone for help, but in an exam, they have to do it on their own and will encourage them to study more.

Exams could have a good impact on students. In conclusion, examinations can have a great impact on someone’s life. There are many reasons why it is important to have exams, it assesses how well students do and also how good teachers are doing their jobs, and it examines a greater range of skills, for example it improves students’ responsibility. Exams is an efficient way to measure students’ knowledge, it encourages them to work harder and smarter to obtain good marks. It is obvious that depending on the results of a student in exams, we can relatively know how much knowledge that the students have attained. Therefore, examinations should not be abolished.

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