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As the cameraman hired to film the New Year’s Day concert, I scanned the audience.
Immediately, I noticed a pink haired girl, she flicked her long hair from side to side like the mane of a wild horse. Her deep brown, mesmerising eyes locked on me. She stopped waving her banner, her blood red lips parted into a smile, revealing a set of pearly white teeth. She waved her gloved hand at me and jumped wildly, her snub nose twitching with delight at being on the screen. She was dressed in a bright red tracksuit which was too loose, she kept pulling it up at her waist, leading me to jump to the conclusion that she might have recently lost weight.
She exchanged excited glances with the chubby girl next to her.
I noted they were friends, probably college girls, not more than 18 years old.
Long, blond, wavy hair cascaded down the chubby girls back in thick curls. She shook her sleeveless plump arms around to attract my attention again. I stopped the camera on her as I saw her tongue ring which she rolled around in her mouth, causing her misshapen teeth to be lipstick stained. Sweat dripped down her face from too much jumping. Her eye makeup had also melted down her face, giving her panda eyes. The sight of herself on camera must have startled her as she widened her blue eyes and rubbed at them with red painted finger nails. She then took a tissue from her blue denim pants and wiped away the black smudges.
The concert had attracted a mixed crowd of all ages, religions and races.
I zoomed in on an old man clutching a cane with his wrinkled gnarled hands. His deep black skin tone complemented the vivid red heart tattoo on his hand. He flashed a toothless grin at a group of middle aged women as he hobbled towards them. His snow white moustache was trimmed neatly around his thin lips as was his beard. His white hair peeked out from under his cap, which he lifted to greet the women, revealing his large hairy ears. From the twinkle in his blue eyes, I could tell that he must have been a charming man in his youth.
The first lady to greet him was immaculately dressed in a baby pink trouser suit with matching heels and a hat. Her short hair was piled in a bun under her hat. She was extremely jolly and laughed unabashed at the old man and enveloped him in a bear hug as if meeting a long lost friend. She spoke in a very animated fashion, gesturing with long slender hands. Her thin eyebrows arched and wiggled, framing her sparkling green eyes perfectly. She touched her large diamond necklace frequently as if showing it off. The other women looked on in awe of her charisma. After a short chat she signalled to the other women and strode off towards her seat with the others in tow. Her confidence showed she was clearly the one in charge.
At the edge of the crowd stood a girl, dressed in a traditional Pakistani outfit, a red and black shalwar kameez with a red glittery scarf covering her head, I assumed from the scarf that she was Muslim. Silver earrings dangled out from under her scarf, swaying like a pendulum when she moved, they matched her nose stud. She kept looking at her silver watch, nervously as if waiting for someone.
At that moment it was announced that the concert was about to start, the whole crowd faced the stage eagerly and I also focused my camera on the performers.
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