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As the legend still has it, the number of clicks on Stanford Commencement Speech from elsewhere online still increases. And it’s been near a decade since the time Steve Jobs died in Oct.5.2011. Millions audience who surprisingly maintain that thrill, are constantly affected and inspired by the speech which deliberately passes onto them at Jobs’ delivery. With due the reason, significance of this present study with an attempt deals within two main aspects. First of all, the art of persuasive rhetoric closely correlates with rudiments of The Rhetoric Triangle which was a treatise proposed by Aristotle over 2000 years ago. And the effect of the linguistic strategy which suggested by using of persuasion rhetoric somehow still works at its best given any possible speaking settings that occurs. The philosophical behind what contributes of the efficacy both on the motivation and the inspiration, or in between these emotional appeals to the audience, henceforth are in request of a good interpretation. Secondly, in a sense of pedagogy, given that specific instructions of rhetoric based relevant knowledge certainly benefits the modern student with the academic performance in many aspects; such as how to present an interesting topic in debates or arguments, and then successfully convince the audience afterwards. An understanding how the structures of arguments are formed helps students further dissecting informational texts in a context, follows then, determines which part of a given message comes more of a merit.

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