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Critical thinking is basically thinking clearly and allows us to compare different situations based on evidence arrived from research facts and figures rather than our opinions. Critical thinking has always benefited in the field of education for university students. Critical thinking teaches students to grasp the material easy which significantly contributes to improving the understanding ability and to evaluate critically the different arguments and issues learnt in class. Some of the benefits derived from critical thinking are like a plan and think strategically, use of reasoning skills in evaluation, independent thinking. And few ways in which critical could be instilled in students are like putting forward various challenges in front of them and depending on themselves for solutions ,encouraging students to look at a problem from a bigger or larger picture rather than from a point ,practicing to encourage students by questioning firstly their own beliefs , cultures and so on. Thereby critical thinking plays a really important role for university students helping them to clearly, logically, effectively think and use these skills in their future life too.


Skills developed by critical thinking
?Independent thinking
?Plan and strategic thinking
?Develops reasoning skills
? Ways to increase critical thinking
skill in university students

Critical thinking is a more disciplined way to think, basically the way of thinking which should be logical, judgments with reasoning and thought well understanding and viewing different viewpoints and arriving at the best conclusion. In critical thinking, we have arguments and various conclusions with evidence supporting it.A good critical thinker basically identifies the problem before him, gathers various questions, finds solutions, evidence and assesses it with other alternatives and then make a final decision. The thinker looks at all sorts of possible options before taking a final decision. Critical thinking is sometimes confused with criticism but it just means logically following steps and arriving at the most appropriate conclusions. Critically thinking is always an advantage in various different fields. For example while solving problems in some assignments in class, when facing some real life world issue, sometimes in the workplace.

Critical thinking has become a very used word in the field of education. In the past, It was all just book knowledge, nobody thought outside the box. But in recent years, we have shifted our perspective and come to our knowledge that just the book knowledge isn’t enough and critical thinking plays a very significant role.In very simple language it just basically means how to think rather than what to think. Thinking more creatively, coming up with solutions, more analysis than just discussions. Some of the ways that help in critical thinking in the education field for main students ask yourself or encourage students to answer open-ended type questions rather than direct questions or multiple choice questions.

Critically thinking in university is always an added advantage.Students using this skilled approach any course with a more effective and thoughtful way of expanding their perspectives and viewing a problem at a greater level. Such skills not only enable to students just to do well in their academics but also in their latter part of their life when implementing these skills in making a crucial decision, increasing the dimensions of the ability to think and shifting thoughts to more effective ones.

Today it has become very important for a student to develop his/her critical thinking skills.As a saying goes “Knowledge is not enough. The creative, constructive, design and operating aspects of thinking are just as important as knowledge”.

Independent thinking
University students benefit a lot by critically thinking in every aspect of their life.Thinking independently just means thinking from your own perspective using your own opinions, your perspectives without any outside influence. When being a critical thinker, we understand arguing with our own opinions and experiences which helps us to be an independent thinker without depending on any other external force. Being independent is a plus point for a university student which can be gained only through trained critical thinking.

Plan and strategic thinking
Understanding all resources and planning is not enough for students at the university level. Students have to practically put the plan into action through critically thinking like deepening their thoughts. Helping students understand setting goals and developing skills, promoting self-questions.Students can basically put forward some kind of a sketch of some process before actually making a decision. For example, if you have to plan for a trip, we initially plan on the itinerary, the things to be packed then what to be done when we reach the destination and finally all other things. So basically we follow a laid out plan.

Develops reasoning skills
Critical thinking can lead to increasing students reasoning skills like developing their judgments, problem-solving and evaluation abilities. Therefore critical thinking can directly foster the performance for students even better than the usual by improving reasoning skills like having arguments for every put forward problem with justified evidence,facts and figures rather than just random opinion claims.

Critical thinking is the foundation for thinking strategically innovative and making the right decisions and conclusions at the appropriate time.Some of the ways in which students can develop their critical thinking skills are like broadening the thinking process ,encouraging students to practice questioning their own beliefs,practices and also putting forward various thought-provoking challenges which can all lead to improvement of critical thinking of the students. Another important aspect which can improve critical thinking is conducting discussion and debating topics in classrooms which will enable students to research on both views of the topic and challenge each other from their own perspective with their evidence and facts to arrive at arguments with proper conclusions. Since critical thinking is widely emerging in the society and has been a major learning concept in life, students are been taught to critically think at the university level itself because it is used not only in education but also basically in everyday situations in life.

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