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Business Intelligence and how it makes life easier for data analysis.

Table of Contents
Executive SummaryProblem Statement
BI Introduction
Solution Proposal (Pros/Cons, evaluation of software, provide reason about select one)
Problem Solving Back-Up and Key Points (any backup plan)
Key Challenges and Risks (for use the suggest software)
Opportunities Presented by Changes, Future Expansion and Evolution Possibilities (possibilities change in the future)
Conclusions and Recommendations
Executive Summary
Introduction Project
Capstone Project is an initiative by Lakehead University in collaboration with Bombardier Inc. Thunder Bay, where MBA students will be working in groups as acting consultants and making recommendations on process improvements, which are already underway in the organization. Two of the groups including ours have been assigned with the task to make financial reporting easier and better for the finance team. We were assigned Ms. Jessica Tolone as our manager at Bombardier Inc. Ms. Tolone is the finance head at Thunder Bay facility and she described the deliverables and her expectations in the meetings both the groups had with her at Bombardier and at the university.
Dr. Farshid Shams, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration, Lakehead University described how we will be creating a business case, evaluating our suggestions, and making our recommendations.

Problem Statement
Understanding the current situation
Bombardier Inc. is a multinational aerospace and transportation company. All its functions have enormous amounts of data that is daily generated and processed. In this project, we’re dealing with the issues it’s Finance Department faces while comparing and integrating reports of direct costs in the contract with overheads and other related parameters. They have several data sources and tools that help them generate spreadsheets as per their needs, but the challenge arises when they have to look at some variables from one report and some from another. There’s no real problem with the existing way of doing things, such as it takes a lot of manual input and can be error-prone. Furthermore, there are chances of missing some important part of the data, influencing to make decisions.
Scope statement (one para)
Identifying a tool that can help integrate data from several sources, such as SAP, and help to accelerate and improve decision making processes, optimize internal business processes, and increase operational efficiency and spot business problems that need to be addressed. Having the data is very different from knowing what you want to do with that data.

Primary Research:
First of all, meetings with Ms. Jessica Tolone, Head of Finance at Bombardier Inc. Thunder Bay site, we briefly understood what Bombardier and the project are. In second meeting, we met strategy and technology experts, Dr. Farshid Shams and Dr. Michael Dohan at Lakehead University, discussed the problems shared by Ms. Tolone’s team members who are authorized access the reports. Ms. Tolone explained the daily roadblocks faced by her and her team in manipulating data presentable by required. In the third meeting, We talked to the rest of finance team and identified the challenges which they faced in their daily tasks with enormous data to deal with. How can that data be made intelligent? How can the available data be used to generate patterns and visualizations that can help in formulating strategies, forecasting, and planning the future of the company? How does someone who is unfamiliar or unaware of the aspects of technology and BI software in the finance team to analyze data without intervention in the process of data analytics?
Secondary Research
Secondary research includes Google search, G2 Crowd Reports, BI Top 15 Report, live meetings (online) with vendors, and debating pros and cons of using BI tools among the group members.

While going through the massive literature available on business intelligence and data analytics, the most intriguing question was why would an organization need to use BI software? After we read the success stories of companies who have been using BI, data analytics, and Big Data, the companies have benefitted more informed decisions and provided a clear picture about to what company is doing and how can it add value in the ecosystem to stakeholders.
One such story is of the video streaming giant, Netflix. Netflix recently, briefly surpassed Disney in market value on Thursday, May 24th, 2018. The secret to Netflix’s success comes from the power of combining detailed viewer behavioural data and detailed show/program characteristics data with machine learning to make predictions about what shows what viewers might want to watch. This is a recipe that every company can follow. And it’s really not a hard recipe if you have the right ingredients.
Becoming “Netflix Intelligent” is something that any organization can do today. There is nothing magical about the data or the technologies. It just takes an approach and a willingness to act.
Netflix has used Big Data and analytics to position itself as the clear leader of the pack. It has done this by taking on other distribution and production networks at their own game and trumping them through innovative and constantly evolving use of data.

Now that we’ve established the fact that using data intelligently is a prerequisite for an organization to make better-informed decisions, we’ve seen the success of Netflix, we’re ready to move to recommendations part where we suggest the business intelligence software Bombardier can use to effectively use data analysis and further it’s business growth. As the elected representatives of shareholders, corporate heads are supposed to monitor management’s performance and conduct, weigh in on strategic decisions All too often, though, the heads lack the critical information and intimate knowledge of the company’s operations needed to make well-informed decisions, called “the information gap”.

Being armed with accurate information and in a timely manner is what we’re aiming at.

BI Introduction
Business intelligence tools are used in strategic business goals, including KPI (key performance indicators) measurement, cost effective allocation of resources, business, health plans and quickly insight of making strategic decisions. They are also easy to deploy, leverage, and integrate any company’s systems.

So why employ BI software? The benefits of business intelligence tools far outweigh the investment they bring. They can help enterprises to gain valuable insight to influence growth, solve the pressing problems, organize marketing data more quickly, provide the organization view, and allow to predict the result of analysis and forecast to predict the future.

The new BI software trend has dramatically provided new functionality to organizations. The data found that these platforms are now easy to use, once the domain of senior analysts. This is done through visual analysis, allowing decision makers to access and take immediate action on the data. Perhaps the most important trend in BI solutions is to provide mobile support and cloud deployments that allow users to access and analyze information from any device.

Solution Proposal
1. Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is Microsoft’s data visualization option, which was debuted in 2013 and has since quickly gained ground on Tableau. (Molag, 2018) Power BI is web-based business analytics and data visualization platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. In general, Power BI is a set of business analytics tools and can provide insight throughout the organization (Microsoft, 2018). Microsoft Power BI provides tools to analyze, transform and visualize data quickly, and share reports. Power BI can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify the data preparation time and method, and drive the analysis of special data, for example, financial analysis (Microsoft, 2018). And generate different reports based on customer customizations, and then publish them to allow your organization to consume on the web and mobile devices. Everyone can create personalized dashboards with a unique 360-degree view of their business (Microsoft, 2018). Not only can it be extended across the enterprise, but it has built-in management and security. Microsoft Power BI provides SQL Server analysis services that allow users to build reusable models through these services quickly. The software enables users to integrate their applications to deliver reports and real-time dashboards. Microsoft Power BI is available in both free and paid versions. Free versions are free of any time limit (Microsoft, 2018). However, each user can only analyze 1GB of data (Microsoft, 2018).

The Power BI designer merges stand-alone tools into a complete application and removes dependencies into Excel or Office. Power BI sites or services are used to share data sets, reports, and dashboards. (MaggiesMSFT, 2018)
Microsoft Power BI facilitates user-generated, rapid data analysis, and performs a self-service BI analysis in the cloud for collaboration and sharing. Depending on the data warehouse, Power BI can perform the following functions (Schaeffer, n.d.). For example, user generation, rapid extraction of queries and analysis, the creation of computed columns, effective change measures, and dimensions. The data warehouse usually requires that the data be uploaded to the warehouse, and then the cube is generated and then analyzed to make the BI more rigorous, which is dependent and difficult to iterate over a short period. With a graphic design tool with online publishing, employees can share data from a central location (Schaeffer, n.d.).

Power BI provides solutions for different industries and finds new insights to share with other members (Microsoft, 2018). For example, retail, insurance, airline, manufacturing, professional services, consumer packaged goods, telecommunications, energy, public sector, capital markets. Bombardier Transportation is one of the world’s largest companies in the rail vehicle and equipment manufacturing and servicing industry. Also, Thunder Bay site is focused on rail vehicle manufacturing. Bombardier’s entire manufacturing process requires a well-functioning machine to be successful, and the best way to achieve that goal is to see the overall picture and be visible to each process. Bombardier can real-time visibility into your supply chain for more efficient and faster decisions. Real-time tracking of key performance indicators (KPI) includes machine utilization, process efficiency, cost, inventory levels, loss, and cycle time (Microsoft, 2018). Bombardier needs to collaborate, monitor, and communicate available real-time data to achieve operational excellence. Power BI helps Bombardier’s team monitor real-time data from multiple sources and drill down into a dashboard and make the in-depth identification when necessary. The finance department use the Power BI mobile application to get real-time alerts to make the manager’s actions more efficient to achieve more agility and minimize response times. The software can help to monitor supply chain of Bombardier end-to-end, identify problems and bottlenecks and then achieve critical processes. Also, they can share dashboards with suppliers and partners so that they can adjust to the latest information to make the company’s procedures leaner and smarter. Furthermore, the team can monitor quality inputs and outputs from all sources to make quick and meaningful decisions to improve production quality. (Microsoft, 2018)
Easy to access data
Power BI can make Bombardier’s data easier to access than before. Although Power BI is built to integrate with Microsoft technology, it also enhances non-Microsoft solutions. In fact, Power BI is currently connected to the 60 generic software solutions that the enterprise has used, and the data is extracted into a centralized, easy-to-understand dashboard. For example, SAP. The business management software of Bombardier uses SAP so, Power BI can provide a good solution. One of the problems that plagued bombardier’s managers was that managers needed to output and input the needs and generate reports manually. Data modeling is one of the main services of Power BI. Therefore, users do not have to model the data in the local system before integration, which means that data can be obtained directly from the cloud, local, and hybrid systems. It is not necessary for managers to carry out thorough manual export and import (SelectHub, 2017).

Easy to implement
Power BI is easy to implement for user. Implementing Power BI does not require a separate IT engineer. Bombardier has already used Microsoft systems (such as Office 365), so it will be natural to use Power BI. It can be easily integrated with the Office 365 and Microsoft teams. Software does not require a lot of construction costs or extensive training, and the financial benefits of implementing Power BI are immediate(Tate, 2017) .

Powerful access control and security
Power BI sets access control through Active Directory (AD), the same control panel that Bombardier using other Microsoft solutions. But the difference in Power BI is row-level security, which allows financial team to grant and revoke access at a very controlled level. Power BI will not only make the data more secure, but it will also enhance the usefulness of the report slightly. Managers can invest time in building a single report, and then use access control to limit the data that users can see. It’s also more efficient for your team members. For example, the manager in the production workshop can view the Cost Center data, not the overall data. Another security advantage of Power BI is the “content package” – data users can see without having to access the database. The tool allows other department managers to view charts and graphs, but not raw data (Tate, 2017). Power BI protects the data from human error.

Simple learning curve
Everyone uses Microsoft products, so other employees in the financial sector are immediately familiar with functional areas and other user interface elements, which means that primary users can instantly explore simple Power BI services, and advanced users, like managers, can directly enter advanced data modelling with training. The interface also allows users to easily export data to other systems, such as Excel, which provides Bombardier’s managers to process their data in other environments flexibly (Tate, 2017).

Other benefits
Other benefits include questions and answers (Q&A) functionality that may be the primary benefit and ability to achieve self-service BI. Power BI products are updated almost every month with new features and features. The business retains ownership of the data and can perform analysis internally to save money. Each user only needs to spend 12 Canadian dollars per month.

Entity-specific dashboards
First, power BI reports and dashboards cannot accept or pass users, accounts, or other entity parameters. The tool makes it impossible for Bombardier to create entity-specific dashboards, such as dashboards, opportunities, cases, or activities of a financial manager. Instead, the dashboard is limited to aggregated views of entity data (Schaeffer, n.d.).

Limited data sources
Second, Power BI has only a few limited data sources that allow real-time connectivity to bombardier’s Power BI reports and dashboards. Dashboards and reports can only be Shared with users with the same Email domain or Email domain and cannot be shared with other users.

Single dataset
Third, although data sets can contain multiple data types, Power BI reports and dashboards can only fetch data from a single dataset. Similarly, Power BI cannot mix imported data with data from real-time connection access (MaggiesMSFT, 2018).

Finally, this Microsoft solution is typically used for extensions to other software in the company, rather than replacing other reporting tools.
2. Sisense
Sisense has become a well-known software in the BI space and often cited as a Tableau alternative because of its onboarding ease and single-stack technology. This is another option that gives you access to all of your data without the need for IT or data professionals to manipulate it first. They promise a 90-minute introduction to the tools with your own data, which seems to reflect the low barrier to entry (Technologyadvice, 2018).

What features does Sisense deliver?
Sisense has moved from the Niche Players quadrant to the leader quadrant this year, based on improvements in its sales strategy and product roadmap (G2crowd, 2018). Sisense has delivered several innovative and notable features during the past year, including the mobile accessibility, offering the ability to analyze data and edit dashboards on the go, non-technical dashboard, lots of native connections, real-time data aggregation, alerts, and notifications. It also gives enterprise and Big Data folks some options with its scalability to millions of lines of data and API customization options (Quora, 2018). The company’s longer-term roadmap focuses on smart data discovery, smarter data preparation and crowdsourced analytics. Additional features include profit analysis, trend indicators, and a spread of reporting features.

How much does Sisense cost?
Sisense offers an annual licensing model that based on the businesses` needs, how many users to access the date, how big the data is, and what functions should be installed for business.

Sisense deliveries a fast implementation and time to insight, innovative in-chip technology processes volumes of data coming from many data sources with ease, provides top-notch customer experience.

Easy to implement
For short implementation, users can start with a free 14-day trial. Once they have decided to order, deployment can be set up within a matter of days, as there are no additional hardware or servers to set up (Sisense, 2018). Even though free trial downloads are commonly found in the software industry, not commonly on BI vendor websites. There are two major reasons behind this: The first is that the most of BI vendors are not software providers but rather service providers. As opposed to selling products, they collaborate with existing software/technology vendors to use those vendors’ products as building blocks for implementing custom solutions.

Award-Winning Sisense Technology: In-Chip Engine
Sisense s In-Chip Engine is proprietary technology that lets users run any ad-hoc query and receive answers on the spot, without the need to prepare data in advance for each new question. The Sisense s In-Chip Engine maximizes existing computational resources, including disk storage, RAM and CPU cache for the most efficient compression techniques, and uses advanced and innovative querying algorithms to bypass limitations imposed by the operating system (Sisense, n.d.). The In-Chip technology allows Sisense to achieve a definite edge on other BI solutions in terms of performance and to help Bombardier easily and quickly get the answers they need from complex data, even at terabyte-scale datasets, and at much lower hardware costs.
Instant Insights, Instant Value
Need to see ROI in weeks or months instead of years? Sisense’s Single–Stack™ solution and subscription based pricing makes Bombardier easily connects data and gets up, instantly runs and delivers results fastly. Sound too good to be true? Sisense will prove it by taking users from data to dashboard in just 90 minutes (Sisense, 2018). 
Ease of use on complex data models:
Customers select Sisense primarily for the product’s ease of use; reference customer scores place it in the top quartile for ease of use on content development and user consumption. Power users and administrators can readily ingest multiple data sources into an ElastiCube that supports multiple fact tables and analysis on complex data models (Sallam, Tapadinhas, Parenteau, Yuen, ; Hostmann, 2014). Sisense has recently improved the variety of data sources it can ingest to include Hadoop and will allow data to stay in place if an analytic data store such as a data warehouse already exists.

OEM and embedded use case
Sisense has focused some of its marketing messages on the OEM market, which now accounts for 50% of its revenue. According to its customer references, 43% of customers use it for the OEM and embedded case (Sallam, Tapadinhas, Parenteau, Yuen, ; Hostmann, 2014). The abilities to “white label” the product and use APIs to extend and embed Sisense analytic content are key requirements for this use case that Sisense fulfills.

From leading, global enterprises to small, innovative startups, users worldwide leverage the power of Sisense data analytics software to effortlessly combine large volumes of data from a variety of sources to get the insights they need, at the instant, they need them.
Ease of use on complex data models:
Customers select Sisense primarily for the product’s ease of use; reference customer scores place it in the top quartile for ease of use on content development and user consumption. Power users and administrators can readily ingest multiple data sources into an ElastiCube that supports multiple fact tables and analysis on complex data models (Sallam, Tapadinhas, Parenteau, Yuen, & Hostmann, 2014). Sisense has recently improved the variety of data sources it can ingest to include Hadoop and will allow data to stay in place if an analytic data store such as a data warehouse already exists.

From leading, global enterprises to small, innovative startups, users worldwide leverage the power of Sisense data analytics software to effortlessly combine large volumes of data from a variety of sources to get the insights they need, at the instant, they need them.

Customer experience

Figure, sourced from G2crowd (2018).

Reference customers rate Sisense highly for the most part of the evaluation aspects, such as ease of use, setup and administration and quality of support, in ease of doing business and product direction, Sisense software is rated almost 9.5, which is much higher than Tableau, DOMO and Microsoft Power BI (G2crowd, 2018).
The shortcomings of Sisense.

However, Sisense has some shortcomings in its product line in terms of cloud and advanced analytics, as well as less market awareness of Sisense and the competitive risks associated with a smaller vendor in a crowded market; the combination of these factors lowers the company’s position on the Ability to Execute axis.

Output format
There is no advanced graphics available, such as 3D or cube graphics, nor a plain format that is devoid of fancy graphics.

Data volumes and deployment size
Despite Sisense’s technical ability to handle large data volumes and messaging, the majority of its reference customers (96%) are analyzing less than 500GB of data. While deployment sizes have grown somewhat in 2016, 62% of Sisense’s customers’ deployments have fewer than 100 users. Despite these smaller deployment sizes, Sisense is placed in the top quartile for being the only enterprise BI and analytics standard; 73% of its reference customers recognize it as the standard, albeit for smaller organizations on average.

Sisense differentiates itself on a low total cost of ownership, based on a single platform. However, 24% of reference customers say its software costs are a barrier to wider usage. Sisense did increase its entry price in 2015, and its licensing model is subscription-only — so customers may be responding to these differences (Sisense, 2018). However, based on survey averages and list prices, Sisense’s cost of ownership as low and its licensing costs as being in line with those of its chief competitors (Capterra, 2018).

Product Details
Sisense is designed to handle all sorts of data, from small data sets to big data. It is also scalable, allowing companies to accumulate more data as they go without worrying about crashing servers or slow computer memory.

Customer Support
Sisense has a dedicated support page for all of its products. Users can receive updates or even connect for help with other users or even Sisense via a forum. Users can also submit help requests straight from the support page and join the community to discuss with other users.

Sample Case Study
It is these functionalities and more that led Magellan Vacations to adopt Sisense. It took the luxury hotel a while before getting a grasp of the system’s functionalities, all along challenged to provide real-time feedback for agents, and involve non-technical users into analytical processes and reporting. With their service being phone-based and highly personalized, and their database unstructured and often modified, they found traditional methods for tracking sales metrics and closure rates simply inapplicable. It was at that point that CEO Andrew Vignuzzi gave Sisense a chance.

Sisense was not Magellan Vacation’s first choice, but rather the system that saved them from hiring staff and reporting at the rate of $80,000 per year. Ever since they deployed it, they’ve been reclaiming time and cost-effectiveness in their IT department, touting Sisense as the most user-friendly system they could have possibly chosen. They are now able to manipulate data on the fly, provide real-time feedback to their agents, and coach and counsel them in line with the company’s goals. Better yet, they drill deep into the performance of each agent and department, share insights in a snap, and prepare custom reports instead of sticking to any in-applicable approach.

5. Tableau

BI platform Tableau aids businesses in visualizing and making sense of data. It enables organizations to connect, visualize and share data through PC or iPad. Users can easily create dashboards, publish and even share them with colleagues, partners and customers–all without the need for programming knowledge. The software can connect to numerous information sources and import and visualize information in a very short time.

The software is intuitive, facilitating ease-of-use and allowing data analysis using a drag-and-drop functionality. It fosters collaboration, allowing for group analytics and keeping all team members in the know at all times. Users can also accomplish tasks from virtually anywhere at anytime as the app comes with a native mobile app.

Sample Case Study
These and more functionalities made Arby’s Restaurant Group decide to use Tableau. What the restaurant company was searching for then was a reliable retail analytics system. They imagined their ideal tool to map retail success from the field, focusing in particular on trends for retaining customers in time of renovation and casual closing. For the purpose, that system should be able to combine supply chain visualizations, maximize cost efficiency, and provide intelligence on sourcing and warehouse management. In short, they were looking for Tableau.

How did Tableau help the restaurant group? The system put in place improved decision making on material usage, as it integrated data across several applications. Thanks to the tool, the company was able to order supplies in line with its demand trends. Another invaluable benefit was managing risk and comparing their performance to internal and market expectations to wrap up a deficiency percentage and tackle it accordingly. Arby’s Restaurant Group also relied on Tableau’s warehouse management kit to gain visibility into the efficiency of individual employees and shift groups.

What is unique about Tableau?
1. A pioneer of drag-and-drop analytics. Tableau was among the first BI systems to present intuitive analytic dashboards where users can manipulate data with a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Where it is today, Tableau also counts as one of the most innovative products on the market, constantly presenting new features and functionalities, and following trends.

2. Choosing between a 32-bit and 64-bit runtime version of the product. Generally, the choice of a version to deploy will depend on your operating system, given that the 64-bit version is the preferable option that addresses larger chunks of memory and improves speed.

3. Dashboard-to-dashboard interactions. With Tableau, you can copy different dashboard elements and transfer them to other workbooks, which give you plenty of iteration and development possibilities. For instance, you can combine the work of different analysts on a new, seamless dashboard.

4. SAML authentication. The newest version of this system can be delegated to SAML(security assertion markup language) authentication, an open source method that makes it possible to create single sign-on on experience. This makes Tableau connectable to any third-party app/system, and usable in all of your departments.

5. Web authoring on mobile devices. Tableau will not only display data on mobile devices, but allow you to modify existing views, analyze data, and save new versions with a dedicated app.

Tableau Public. Tableau offers a free version for Windows and Mac users with 10GB of storage, unlimited users and visualizations, personalized profiles, and social media sharing.

Shortcomings for Tableau:
Customers have mentioned a steep learning curve for executives and the high cost for smalled businesses.
We shortlisted 3 of the best business intelligence tools for different kinds of businesses and after considering advantages and disadvantages of each, we recommend Bombardier to use Sisense.

What is unique about Sisense?
Single-Stack architecture: A single tool that helps you collect, prepare, organize, and analyze data
In-Chip Engine & Proprietary technology: Running ad hoc queries and receiving answers on dot (no need to prepare data whenever a new question arises).

Optimal use of computational resources: No need to hire professional analysts, maintain complex hardware, or make excess IT investments.

Minimal TOC: The platform requires no DBA and manual mashups, and there are no special scripts to learn. You will also skip investing in data warehouses and professional maintenance services, as all data analysis operations are conducted in the same system.

Joining diverse tables and charts coming from multiple sources: Sisense’s unique power is that it automatically recognizes and brings together charts and tables from different data sources, and then combines the data contained in them without you preparing it.

Data crunching for beginners: A customer-oriented and intuitive interface that takes no time to learn, and no size limitations.

Effective use of CPU cache memory: Sisense handle terabytes of data rows and thousands of users per day without compromising the quality of performance. You will get results from ad hoc and concurrent queries of rapidly changing data within seconds.

Diverse data granularity: Regardless of the complexity of your data models, Sisense will allow you to explore, filter, and drill down inside them, and customize the visual environment independently.

API-first approach for developers: Sisense emphasizes scalability, extensibility, and security, which makes it ideal for ISVs, OEMs, and customer-oriented and embedded analyses. Using its suite of RESTful API, you can integrate Sisense in any JavaScript application you’re using.

A 90-minute real test-drive for prospective clients: Sisense is the only BI system you can test with actual rather than sample data. Entrust them an actual business case, and they will solve it in 90 minutes.

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