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Coaching is a conversation, what defines coaching id the affect it has on the other person. It helps them think for themselves without other people giving them the answer, because no one is giving them the answer or doing the work for them It helps the coachee think a lot more clearing about the situation in hand and It helps their thinking, learning and their decision making process and they learn how to help themselves rather than depending on someone else for help or the answer.

We coach because it empowers others to take their own responsibility, which leads to good and improved work performance. Coaching is not structured, it’s an open conversation between a coach and coachee, where they can bounce of ideas from each other and where the coachee can learn valuable lessons and ideas from someone more experience that can lead you in the right path. The coach’s job is not to tell the coachee what to do or say but to be there and guide them into the right path, letting them use their head and make decisions on their own but the coach is there for support and backup

The benefits are the staff feel
• more valued
• they have improved knowledge and awareness,
• increased motivation in managers and staff,
• staff will be more positive,
• staff feel happy to come to work because they know they will get the support and advice they need, this will lead to staff performing better.

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