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Communication of Free space optics system functions as fixed Free Space Optical systems in other words the traditional. The technology is situated on the connection among Free Space Optics wireless units; each consists of an optical transceiver with a transmitter and a receiver to provide full-duplex capability (bi-directional). There is a fiber at the receiver side which turns the electrical signal to the optical signal in this end. A laser driver amplifies this electrical signal and provides enough current to drive the laser diode. Controlled light from the laser is heading for the receiver which focused their ray onto a silicon Avalanche photo Diode (APD). This APD changes the optical signal to an electrical one. After re-forming and some din filtering the electrical signal is turned back to the Optical signal. The maximum amount of data that can transfer is at a speed of 2.5 Gbps. The limitation of the bandwidth does not let these signals to be well operated.

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