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Based on dictionary, leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization, or the ability to do this. Leader can be anyone, no matters are you a manager or what, as long as you’re a human, and you can be a leader. Every individual is different from the other and come from different background, and has different thought process. In my opinion, leader is the person who the right things, but a manager will do the things right and always show their leadership with action but not words in mouth. Leadership can divide into few types, such as autocratic, democratic, laissez faire and more. Each leader that belongs to each type of leadership style will have different management toward their followers and different way to solve problems.

Become a leader is not easy as we thought. As a successful leader, the basic is he or she must have leadership skill to lead their followers. Their followers will do what their leader does, so a leader must have a good virtue and morale. A leader must be responsible to everything, let’s imagine, if a leader did their job until half and stop, how the job will be, how the followers think. A leader must finish their task no matter how tired are them, because there is a burden on their shoulders. Besides that, a leader must have few characteristics that I feel it’s important. Examples, charisma, open-minded, determine and others.
Leadership provides direction for a company. Employees need to know the direction in which they are headed and who to follow to reach the destination. Leadership involves showing workers how to effectively perform their responsibilities and regularly supervising the completion of their tasks. Leadership is also about setting a positive example for staff to follow, by being excited about the work, being motivated to learn new things, and helping out as needed in both individual and team activities. Examples, Jack Ma. He starts his business with a great leadership skill and creates many of the new business along the world wide, such as no cashier mart in China.

A leadership must have some characteristics that able to respect and admire by their followers. The amount of followers that a leader have need to depend on how and what a leader did. A leader must know to say thank you to their followers after they help to do something even it’s only a small case. Besides that, leader must also a good listener, listen to the followers to express their own stories or ideas, listen to their own sound to make a right decision and make sure all the things go well.

In our real life, everyone needs a leader to lead us to a better future and ways to make sure we are in a correct ways. Leaders help themselves and others to do the right things. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is about mapping out where you need to go to “win” as a team or an organization; and it is dynamic, exciting, and inspiring. Yet, while leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way. This is how a successful leader acts.

We need a great leader in our real life include me. I feel grateful and thankful that I met many good, great and amazing leaders in my life, they brings a lot of knowledge and inspiration to me. For me, they not only a leader to me, they more like a friend, a family member, a mentor and a guider for me in everything. They taught me a lot of life skills, knowledge in every field that they know.

Person in real life that I think is a good leader-Part 1
In my real life, I think that a good leader have to same as my manager in my first full time job. We supposed to call him as manager, but he requests us to call his name “Eugene”. He treats all of us like his friends. May be because it was my first job, my boss really guided me very well. I never found such a boss again who was interested in my career and growth. And it wasn’t about me. He did it for everyone reporting in to him. My first full time job was a cashier in a café, which name “Purrfect Cat Café” where located in Penang.

However, he will care about our career path and how was my result. He teaches me all the knowledge of how to become a cashier, how to use the cashier system, and others, but the most thankful thing was he taught me how to communicate and understand what customers’ needs and demands. Despite of this, my communication skill has improved and enhanced a lot. Besides that, Penang is a heritage area that foreigners love to visit and he knew that I’m study in event management during diploma, he told me a lot of event ideas and cultural of foreigners when he saw different country of foreigners and taught me how to identify their dialect and slang.

On the others hand, he not only taught me about what cashier should do, he told me about the knowledge of coffee as the shop also a café. He taught me what coffee is, how coffee made, and what is the composition of each type of coffees. Such as, Mocha is a mixture of espresso, milk and chocolate, while latte is a mixture of espresso, foam, and a little of milk and others. He had given me all the knowledges of business that are very helpful for my career. For me, he’s intelligent, smart and determine.

Other things that come to mind are his wit and calm composure. Irrespective of the situation at hand, he was ever smiling, cracking jokes, and spoke in a relaxed tone of voice. He really developed us – some of his insights were so great that it took my times to really understand its depth. I still can remember that one day that all of us faced a customer that really annoying and bothering, he keeps hug the cats until he was hurt by the cats, and he scolded us that didn’t protect customer safety but we had mentioned that there’s no hugging toward cats. We explain many times to him but still useless, but once my manager handle it, everything was solved. This is one of the virtues that I admired.
I love cats. This is what he taught me that we have to take care of animals, no matter what animals are them. Even an ant, we have to respect them as they are living things that same with us. This is why I respect him with my true heart. He takes care of everything and never complains of others or any troubles that happen to him. He always endures the doubts and troubles himself. A main point of leader that I feel very important is a leader must take care of followers’ emotion and let them respect you with willingness but not forced. He will always take care of us too. Examples, if the restaurant in front our café gives him some extra food, he will not eat alone, but he will ask us eat together even in a working hour, and sometimes he will help us to buy some food during lunch time or tea time and wants us to rest for a while.

To all of the crews in the café, we respect him as a good leader as he never gives instructions to us like normal boss does. He will do it together with us, if we met something that we don’t know; he will teaches us step by step until we really understand. Sometimes, he will make sure we remember by exanimating us like a pop-up quiz. For me, he’s not only a manager or a boss, he’s my mentor, my guider, my brother and also a good leader that guides me to the correct way in my life.

Person in real life that I think is a good leader-Part 2
The second person that I think is a good leader sincerely was my supervisor who guides me in my first internship life in diploma for half year. I had my first internship in Goche Event Company where locate in Penang too as an event planner. Same as the first case, she requests us to call her name; “Nurul”. She is the execution of event planning in that company, but she has a harmony relationship with the boss of the company. In my internship life, I feel grateful and thankful toward her. She’s not my direct supervisor and not my manager too. However she rescues me from the others hand. If not she, I think I will learn nothing from the half year internship life. If not she, what I learned in my internship life was only research and obey without own opinion. She is a Malay but she can have a good relationship with everyone no matter what races you are and she knows many languages and yet learning the new languages. She will tell us strictly when we did something wrong or not suitable to the situation.

She uses the mixture of laissez faire style and democratic style toward me. On the first day of internship, she gave me all the authority to make a slide that can put on all my idea and able to present to customers in order to know my creativity and skills. I never imagine that on the first day of internship, I’ve to do such big task. She just told me what the format and what should put into the slide and others were my own ideas. She rejected and rejected my slide after I done, but she will told me how to settle it. This make me feel frustrated in the first time, but after that I feel that I able to finish this with my own self and smoothly, then I know why she did so.
During the half year, she taught me all the knowledge of event management and bring me to all the event, no matter is big or small, she brought me to meet with customers for hundred times and told me to learn how to communicate with clients and express what I think when discussion. I went to Indonesia Embassy, every hotel, every company such as Intel and others. She taught me how to investigate the venue and how to plan for a smooth event flow. After few time of guidance, she starts to let me in-charge of small thing my own self. Because of her, I do have a lot of experience in event planning. Example, I still remember that she assigned me to handle the costumes of a big company, Abbott during the company’s annual dinner, I have to rush up and down to deal with the costume rental and the in-charge of the company, she always accompany me to go here and there because that’s my first time to do a big project myself. She won’t interrupt when I’m have a discussion with dealer or in-charge of company, she will only advise me after the discussion and let me to learn and know what should I changed.

Besides that, she’s a flexible person. She can always think out of the box and can break the rules if there is necessarily. She can always think a contingency plan when there is a trouble that stop the event or make the event fail in a short time. Hence, if there’s a difficulty, the clients will always find her for solutions even the event is not belonging to her. What I admired was even the CEO of Intel also one of the followers because of her charisma that able to solve everything quickly
She focuses on team corporation and collaboration. She always brings her team including me and one of my colleague to lunch or maybe dinner if we leave work late. She will always create an activity to let us have a bonding to make sure we can cooperate well during event. She told us that only cooperate with each other just can make the event success, if only one person, the event won’t be success. This sentence I always remember in my mind until now although it’s passed for one and half year. Her mind is different with others, because of me, she had quarrel for times with my manager. My manager wants all of her followers obey her without any opinion or suggestion, but Nurul will let us express our idea and use our ideas to improve hers one.

Not only toward me, had she helped the event company to earn profit as well. As my know, the company was in a loss situation before she been recruited as a sales executive. When she had been recruited, she finds a lot of commercial company to collaborate with the event company, one to promote the event company, second to help the company to increase awareness. This is why the boss of event company loves her so much.

I feel lucky that I can follow such a great leader in my life. We still hang out together until now and when I have problem, I will find her for solution too.

In conclusion, we must have a good leader before we become a successful and great leader to others. A leader also has to gain experiences to be more creative and flexible. I feel really lucky and thankful that I able to meet such great leader like them that based on the statement that I stated. I can’t express my acknowledgement to them as they taught me too much of knowledges and gave me life experiences to help me in my career path and my future.

Based on the leaders that I list out, there is a common belief that leadership is vital for effective organizational and societal functioning and success. However, we can conclude that leadership is the ability to direct a group of people in realizing a common goal. This is done by people applying their leadership attributes. Leaders create commitment and enthusiasm amongst followers to achieve goals. Leadership is achieved through interaction between leader, follower and environment.

I have met many leaders in my life, but I can’t list it out. So, these are the leader that I feel respect and thanks to them in order to thank to them as my guider, my teacher, my mentor and my candle when I met doubtful cases or any difficulties in my life. They are such a good leader that they help me to find solutions to solve my problem and listen to me. However, in my opinion, a leader must visionary and always focuses on their goals and objectives, both of them absolutely deserve this virtue. I can’t imagine that if I didn’t meet them, how would my life be? Perhaps, now I’m not studying in this university. I learned many values from them that can enhance and improve myself.

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