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DesagaSarstedt Gruppe (Germany) was the instrument of choice. Initial selection and activation of precoated silica gel 60 F254 Aluminium plates of 200x100mm size and 0.2mm thickness was done. An origin line was drawn approximately 10mm from bottom of the plate. The sample extract was applied as dots of 5µl using HPTLC pipette or a micro pipette. The plates were placed in the development chamber of 20x10cm dimensions (twin-trough chamber) and the process of HPTLC development was carried out using toluene : ethyl acetate : methanol (in the ratios 7:2:1) as the mobile phase. The solvent line was marked and detection of spots was done by employing UV 366nm and Proquant 1.6 version computer software. Rf was calculated.

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