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down to 18 microns for the ‘melt in your mouth’ sensation. This product is positioned at the premium end of the mass market. Priced at $4.99, $1.20 more than its closest competitor in New Zealand, Cadbury dairy milk. The difference in price leans towards a target market with middle-higher income as the brand focuses on quality but still maintains an affordable price. It is aimed at males and females aged 15-35 as younger people opt for cadbury due to cheaper pricing, the sugar/grainy texture, and colourful packaging whereas older people have more mature taste buds and are more likely to buy dark chocolate or something containing less sugar which is why Whittaker’s offers over 70 products to satisfy all customers. The 250 gram creamy milk blocks are brought to eat overtime, or share with family and friends. It is more common than buying a Whittaker’s 50 gram bar at $1.69 as you initially save more when buying a block. It is used as a sweet snack/treat because sugar can become addictive and can have an impact on your health, if eaten too often.
Whittaker’s creamy milk physical packaging relates to the branding. The colour scheme of the slip is blue and gold, a cool and warm colour to balance each other out. Blue is the most favourable colour in the world across both genders, it is often described as dependable and professional. This attracts males, as well as females as they are more likely to do the grocery shopping. Gold represents wealth and prosperity which relates to the middle-higher income target market. Another brand sold in New Zealand supermarkets using gold on their packaging is ‘Lindt Lindor.’ However their main colour is red. This product has a far more similar target market to Whittaker’s than Cadbury yet it isn’t as common to compare the two. A Lindor milk chocolate block (100 grams) is $3.50 which is far more than Whittaker’s and the fact that it isn’t a local may discredit it.
The creamy milk cover includes, ‘made in New Zealand’ which attracts the locals, ‘5 roll refined’ and ‘milk chocolate from freshly batch roasted cocoa beans’ which is used to ensure the quality of the product is better, as well as fairtrade certification which attracts those with an sustainable/environmental perspective.

One of Whittaker’s creamy milk chocolate key functions is, acting as a comfort food. When consumed in small servings as a treat, chocolate can increases HDL cholesterol (a healthy HDL level can protect against heart attack and stroke), decreases LDL cholesterol (a high LDL level increases the risk for heart attack, stroke and peripheral artery disease), and contains polyphenols that prevent DNA damage. Cocoa contains flavonoids and flavonols that also prevent cell damage and inflammation.
A comfort food is described as a ‘food that provides consolation or a feeling o

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