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During the ILM workshop, the facilitator gave us Dr. Peter Honey leadership style questionnaire and after completing mine, I had a higher score in coaching leadership. I frankly agree with the result of the questionnaire, because that’s the kind of leadership I exude at work. At my former workplace at Platon Gasoil, I was in charge of the operators in my shift. Before the start of work, I endeavour to organize meetings to remind members of my shift of the values and goals of the organization and how it is important to uphold these values to achieve our goals for the day. During the cause of work, I regularly meet with my team members to know if they are facing any difficulty in carrying out their responsibilities and also discuss their needs. On one occasion as I met up with my team, I realized their nose mask was in bad state, I quickly liaise with the health and safety officer on site to get the old one replaced. My colleagues most often ask of my opinion before taken action in other words they get expert guidance from me whenever they are in doubt.
Apart from my coaching leadership style, I also tend to display supporting leadership style. When working with my team and there is any organization change or change in plans I ask for their views before taking the final decision. When there is any task to be done, I ensure my team members are provided with the necessary tools and equipment in order to do the work. I tend to give them time to do their job. My kind of leadership skills gave my team the flexibility to work at their own pace

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