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Simone De Beauvoir’s explains about the second sex why women are exploited is based on woman’s being. What are the meaning of existence of being a woman. She says that woman growing up what the society dectates, that woman is just an object that a man needed. Woman are no longer experiencing a freedom because in the society woman should only serve a man, that includes pleasure and be a submissive what man wants or needs. She explain it through immanent and transcendent. Immanent is the one who is limited to do what she wants and that is a woman, while the transcendent is the one who is free to achieve the goals he aims and that is the man. Woman are living in a feminine way that a society is expecting to be, Woman are no longer aware that they have a free choice to their life. This concept of the traits to the women are pass through the another generation. On her famous line ‘one is not born a woman but becomes a woman’ explain the life of a woman from birth to adulthood, she explain it through a paper doll which means preparing the girl for her role in the future of adulthood. She discusses three types of woman who play the role, which is the prostitute, the narcissist and the mystic. The prostitute who is an object herself to satisfies her needs both money and pleasure receives from a man. The narcissist who unable freely to achieve her goals and becomes herself as an object. The mystic who to lose herself to God rather to seek the freedom. The main point for de Beauvoir was the women are only live to pleasure a man, the women who wait for his man to come home from work. The women are useless and doesn’t have the free will to do what she wants. De Beauvoir suggest a strategy to a women to take other path, which is woman should go to work, woman pursue her career and woman strive to transform the society to socialist society.

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