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For the first semester I have learnt a lot from teacher, classmates, pair presentation, group presentation and also get a lot of new ideas and informations and we spent fifteen weeks to study about reading skill and especially talking about educational system in Cambodia and I learnt about educational issues. The objective is to empower class members to become intentional learners who understand the purpose and take action to improve students outcome. The last day of semester has been materially productive with giving course evaluation in class and overview of what we had accomplished. I found that in the final session teacher and students try hard to complete all works and have fun together. The course is predicated on the precepts of constructivist learning theory, which posits that learning is best facilitated, or teaching most effective, when students are actively involved in collaborating to make meaning and construct knowledge rather than passively receiving information from a teacher. The goals of this course are to foster critical thinking and cultivate motivated, independent learners. Establishing a constructivist learning environment is sometimes a culture shock for students expecting the teacher centered, authoritarian, passive learning model with which many enter college. Having class members actively critique the course they have collaborated to construct is thus a theoretically sound endeavor. Further, they understand participation in the Last Class to be an opportunity for student activism; each member contributes to improving the experiences. It also constitutes a form of teacher research: the systematic study of an educator’s own teaching practice in which educators experiment with methods and analyze the effects in order to improve students’ learning. We spend most of this class discussing the extent to which the course met or failed to meet the stated objectives. This discussion helps students write more informed, thoughtful, and potentially useful responses to the course evaluations my institution requires and to do so more efficiently in a hectic part of the semester. And after the fifteen weeks I have learnt a lot especially learnt for myself not learnt for grade and went to class with an open mind and opinion, have confidence in my educated opinion.

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