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Furthering that idea, it is believed that children of single mothers are more likely to become high school dropouts, 2.5 times as likely to become teen mothers, and 1.4 times as likely to be idle as those who grow up within a two-parent home (Hymowitz). By being a sole guardian, there is a belief that one is introducing their children to a life of neglect—a life that will lead to turmoil within their adulthood. However, as Hymowitz continued within her article, children living in single-parent households showed “lower grade point averages, lower college aspirations, and poorer attendance records. As adults, they have higher rates of divorce” (Hymowitz). Yet, this is not the fault of single parents alone; where there was a 19% student dropout rate, 13% of dropouts were children of a two-parent home. This suggests that while those born within a two-parent home may live in better conditions than those of a single home, the issue of teen pregnancy and idleness would still remain.

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