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“Harrison Bergeron” and the movie 2081 shared a lot of similarities, however they differ in many ways. Both movie and story share the character of the beautiful ballerina. However the movie and story have different way as Bergeron participant get there handicaps of. Both the film and story contributed to my understanding, however the film helped me understand more than the story.

In both the movie “Harrison Bergeron” and the film 2081 the role of the beautiful ballerina was played. The beautiful ballerina was forced to wear an ugly mask and weights to hold her down. She was forced to wear this because she was above average. The beautiful ballerina was also the strongest at dancing and had to carry a lot of heavy weight because she was way above average. She was the best at what she did, this factor contributed to the plot. As the movie and story shows she was the reason why the people saw the best and above average. In the story/film Harrison Bergeron strived to show the people, what above average was. As the music was playing he stopped all the average music players and made one handicap person play. Harrison Bergeron was showed the music was better as the one extraordinary person played rather than a bunch of average people. His goal was to show the people, the best dance, and the best of the handicap. This was the ballerina whose handicaps were removed. This made her performance above average and beautiful. It led to the most beautiful dance and led to the people shocked at how beautiful and remarkable this was. Also in the movie she was the only person who volunteered to dance with Harrison so this character allowed the story to go on. So without this character Harrison wouldn’t have anyone to dance with and his plan wouldn’t be able to continue. So his plan would lead to a fail because she was the best, above average and the only person suitable to dance to show people extraordinary she was. If anyone had danced with Harrison besides for her it would have been forced, average, and not remarkable. But as the text stated she was by far the best so it would lead to Harrison’s goal.

The way Harrison Bergeron participant got there handicaps off differed in the story “Harrison Bergeron” and the movie 2081. In the story “Harrison Bergeron” Harrison takes off the ballerina’s handicaps .When he takes of the handicaps it shows the power he has and how he stands up to this cause. However in the movie the ballerina takes of her own weights. Her taking off her own weights shows the power she has within and not only him fighting this battle its the rest of the handicaps too. When Harrison takes off the ballerina’s mask it seems forced as if she didn’t have a choice whether or not she wanted handicaps. It should all the power within Harrison and proves the statement why he is in jail. It shows the fight and struggles of only him and if it is only one man fighting it doesn’t show him as a good guy fighting for the rights of the handicapped, but the rights of himself. In the movie as the ballerina come and drops her weights by herself it shows that she is tired of this live of handicaps not only representing herself but representing all the handicaps. It shows her independence as she has a mind of her own not only doing what Harrison says. This changes my view of this society, as I read the story i got the idea that she was forced to do what she had to do and was forced to take of her handicaps,and it was Harrison’s battle to fight and his plan to prove. However as I watched the film I got the understanding that this was a major problem and the whole handicap society is facing this battle everyday. Harrison wasn’t standing alone but with a whole handicap army. This scene differed and played two completely different concepts.

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