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his energy and time fighting off sin, fallacious temptations and attempts to keep his son away from the “rubbish” he is being taught. Mr.Solchuck laughigly “smashes” the cardboard ball “no bigger then his hand” brought home by Nick, in an effort to control the “satantic” ideas that threaten his own. The dented globe generates the heated conflict and permanently fragments the relationship, Nick attempts to function the globe but like the relationship ” it don’t turn no more”. Both unable to overcome their differences move along with their life leaving the other behind almost completely. The broken globe sits in Mr. Solchucks home “brown with rust” and untouched for years as both Nick and his father do not attempt to make amends, accepting the fact that their passions will never manage to co-exist. Mr.Solchuck never stopped loving his son whom he sends “greeting” to in the story’s end, and although he says “was going

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