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How Did The Constitution Guard Against Tyranny?

Do you know what the United States would look like if they didn’t guard against tyranny? In the summer of 1787, fifty five delegates representing twelve of the thirteen states met in Philadelphia to fix the national government. The problem was that existing government, under the Articles of Confederation, just wasn’t doing the job. It was too weak. The challenge was to create a strong central government without letting any one person, or group of people, get too much power. In four different forms , one was federalism, another was, separation of power, check and balances and last was an issue of small and large states.

Now back to my reasonings, How was federalism part of the constitution and guard against tyranny? So basically, the first guard against tyranny was Federalism which means the central and state government examples. Both government has the power to tax and laws or enforce laws. The central government can provide an army, but the state government can establish school. According to document A, ” In the compound republic of America, the power surrendered by the people is first divided between two distinct governments ” state and federal-” stated. This Is important because tyranny federalism guarded against tyranny by first dividing between two distinct governments.

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