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In batman dark knight we are focusing on the main character the joker, the joker is the biggest criminal in Gotham city but batman tries to stop the joker from committing these crimes but batman himself will nit kill the joker because he has to stick by his one rule “to never kill someone as long as he lives”
In the opening scene Christopher Nolan uses to build tension before the joker is introduced to us, throughout the whole scene the sound of the cello increases in tempo and the volume this makes the audience feel something big is going to happen, the cello plays in the background as the joker kills the bus driver as the joker gets into the bus the bank manager says “think your smart huh?” when he says this the joker shakes his head and walks to him when this happens the cello increases volume and tempo building tension as the bank manager askes the joker “what do you believe in? “the cello gets even more faster and louder this builds suspense as the audience waits for a reply the joker then responses “I believe what doesn’t kill you simply makes you stronger” at this point the cello is at its maximum volume but as the joker takes of his mask the cello dies down throughout the scene Christopher Nolan uses the sound of the cello to build to build the suspense and tension making the scene memorable.
Also in the opening scenen of the dark knight Christopher Nolan uses dialog to build a way which the audience pertrays the jokers character when the joker is standing in the corner as he gets picked up by the SUV the two clowns in the front start talking about the joker “yeah he thinks he can just st on the side and get a slice, I know why they call him the joker”the film then cuts to a scene of two clowns on the roomalso start talking about the joker “why do they call him the joker?” “I heard he wears makeup” “makeup?” “yeah, to scare people.

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