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In this present scenario, many people are interested to invest in stock market. Mainly they are focusing on equities to get high returns. Equities are playing a vital role. In contribution of capital to the business in the initial stage . from the day of introduction of shares concept more no. of investors are showing interest in stock markets. The price of a security is represented as a general agreement. a security price is a price at which one person agrees to buy and another person agrees to sell. the agreed price at which an investor is willing to buy or sell completely depends upon his expectations. If the investor expects the price would be declined, he will sell it, equities involve high risk in investing so one need to study carefully before investing in equities.
In financial markets equities are the capital which is raised by a corporation by issuing and distributing to shareholders. The aggregate value of corporation ‘s issues shares it is called market capitalization. When one buys a share of a company he becomes shareholders of that company. Shares are called equities. Equities have potential to increase its value at over time. It also provides the portfolio along with the growth it is necessary to reach the long-term goals. Many research studies have said that the equities have overperformed than most forms of investment in the long run .equities are considered as most challenging and the rewarding. when compared to others investment options .research studies have proved that investments in others investments in some shares with a longer time of investment have yielded far superior returns than any others investments. However, this does have meant all equity investments would guarantee high returns.

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