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In todays connected world greater social media engagement can help retailers enhance customer experience.. Roggeveen and Grewal (2016) suggest that five effects drive consumers to engage with social media: connected, network, information, dynamic, and timeliness effects. The connected effect is based on the innate need that people have to connect with others; social media has changed the format of these relationships. The network effect refers to an ability to relate to and broadcast information to others.

Yet, another driver of social media engagement is convenience or timeliness. Consumers can constantly access information, due to the ubiquitous presence of smartphones and tablets and their dedicated apps. Apps then produce another driver of social media engagement for retailers, namely, the ability to provide relevant information and participate in dynamic conversations with customers. These information and dynamic effect factors also enhance consumers’ desire to engage with their extended social network. Understanding how these various spokes turn the wheel of social media engagement is another way that retailers can enhance their engagement with consumers.

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