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I’m working with the business ‘Tulips Wardrobe’. This business is based on fashion and clothing for individuals of the age fifteen plus. This business will retail good quality, fashionable, trendy items at affordable prices. They currently don’t have an online service, therefore, have hired me into promoting their company. I have the responsibility of planning ways in which I will promote the business online. I have to take account factors like; the target audience, communication with customers, content planning and publishing, brand image, customer service and any other requirements. I also have to meet timescales and responsibilities using an action plan. Lastly, I have to look at ways in which I will develop an online community as well policies for the social media’s used.

Audience profile
Tulips Wardrobes audience profile consists of individuals over the age of 18. This is because they need an income in order to purchase products from the business. The income of the audience must be £10 and more in order to purchase a product from the business. ‘Tulips Wardrobe’ specifically sells clothing for female teens and above. They will retail shirts, jeans, leggings, dresses, coats, jackets, shoes and much more. At the moment the business will only retail clothing for 15-year-olds and above. If the business sees that customers would like clothing for children and baby’s they will expand their range for younger girls and toddlers. Overall the business will provide quality clothing at reasonable prices.

Organisational details of the business
Tulips Wardrobe is an online clothing service in which they sell clothes both online and in store. The store is located in Bd4 on Wakefield Road. Their goal is to create an online platform, therefore, people who don’t live in Bradford are also aware of their business. You can contact the business by telephone or email. The founder of the business is Emily Tulip. The annual income of the business is £150,000. Emily Tulip has hired around 100 employees into working for the business.

Current status of online presence
The business currently doesn’t have an online presence, therefore, will create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account in order to have an online presence. The benefits of them having an online presence are they can reach a larger audience and increase their customer base. They can stay available 24/7 and can reach a greater audience. It’s an affordable way to market their brand than printing readership, billboards and have TV commercials as they are more costly. The business can improve its customer service by interacting with them directly. Lastly, using social media enables the business to get direct reviews and feedback from its products or services through comments. Overall, online services are easier and affordable to market our brand ‘Tulips Wardrobe.

What are the requirements for the use of social media
Businesses must know the purposes of using social media to advertise their brand. Tulips Wardrobe intends to use social media to create a brand image as well as promote its products/service. The organisation will upload images of its products online so it’s easier for customers to view their products rather than go in to store as that could be time-consuming and not everyone is able to go. Not only this using social media allows the business to stay available at all hours, 7 days a week. This way Tulips Wardrobe is able to approach its customers at all times. The initial idea of the business is to post images, tweets and messages regularly in order for the social media accounts to work effectively.

Brand image of the business
Tulips Wardrobe will create an image of their brand by firstly creating a logo. The logo and banner on each social media site will have a consistent theme. The logo will represent the brand so that customers can identify them online. The colour scheme would remain consistent throughout all posts in order for them to look attractive. Tulips Wardrobe must create labels with their company logo on and the price of each product in order to tag their clothing. This allows customers to identify their products. The tagline of the business is quality fashion every day. Secondly, the business is going to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to create a brand image and promote themselves. The way they will do this is by using certain features on each site to present their business, for instance on Facebook they can use the upload feature which allows them to post images of the business and its products.

Promotion of products and services
Tulips Wardrobe wants to promote its products and services through social media. They will be opening up business accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in which they will display information about the products they sell. Creating social media accounts will allow them to create a platform in which they can gain followers. Their main aim is to gain followers which could become potential customers.

Communication with customers
Tulips Wardrobe would communicate with its online customers through social media. They would need to reply back to customers who comment on their posts. This is whether they have good or bad reviews. Replying back to customers shows that they are active and consistent on their social media pages. The business would interact with their customers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by direct messaging customers. This way customers will be able to trust their brand and services. They would need to regularly update each social media page and read the comment section to see if any users have left any questions and reply to those who have left good reviews by liking their comment or saying thank you. If someone has left a bad review they must resolve the issue and reply back with a sorry.

Customer service
The business would supply customer service solely on its Twitter page for those who have questions about their products or service. The reason why they would choose one account to provide customer service is that it’s an easier way for the business to interact with its customers as well as show they are professional and organised. The problem with using Twitter is that tweets are shown public therefore the business should keep this in mind and remain professional and know how to handle difficult situations in order for them to maintain a good brand image. This means they would need to regularly respond back to customer’s tweets in order to prevent any issues in future as a bad review can impact the businesses brand image.

Resolving queries and issue
Firstly the business would need to respond to customer queries in order to build a relationship with customers. If customers had any problems they would need to contact the business through Twitter in which the employees would deal with the problem. This meant that if someone had issues, for instance, had the wrong package delivered or problems with the clothing itself the business would deal with the problem by carrying out an apology and then undertaking the problem by sending them a new package. Complaints must be dealt with immediately, therefore, the customer feels that their problem is treated as a priority. The business would need to keep comprehensive records of all customer complaints, therefore, they can assess the records to recognise any common complaints. This way the business can use this feedback to please customers by making their opinions feel valued.

What the business is intending and what can it achieve
Tulips Wardrobe is intending to create a large online platform in which they can gain lots of customers. They want to expand their business by creating an online platform in which they can interact with their customers. They want to advertise worldwide. Their target is to gain lots of customers using the help of social media.
Promotion of products and services: Tulips Wardrobe retails a variety of clothing options for women. This includes coats, jackets, shirts, jeans, dresses and much more. All of the information would be shown on their social media pages. They would need to show pictures of their products on Facebook, and Instagram, therefore, customers are able to see what they have to offer. Ways they can promote their business is by uploading pictures of their brand logo, advertising the opening times and any events taking place. The services they offer would be that they deliver worldwide. They could then tweet this information on their Twitter page and post an image on Facebook and Instagram which quotes ‘free worldwide shipping’. This way they can gain the attention of customers.
Communication with customers: They would need to have good communication with customers by regularly replying back to all users online. Responding back to their feedback in a positive manner whether the review is good or bad, they must be able to handle any situations in a professional manner.

Selection criteria-matching social media pages to the organisation
Our business is using Facebook for the reason that it’s popular in the social media market, therefore, is a good way to advertise to a large audience. For instance, popular clothing companies tend to use Facebook to advertise to their chosen audience. Facebook can be used to display the history of the business, how it got started as well as any updates like upcoming events. They could also use Facebook to post pictures of the clothing in order to interest users. As Tulips Wardrobe is targeting a female audience it’s useful for them to use Instagram as a high percentage of its users are female. As the business sells clothes its useful for them to post pictures of outfits made using their clothing in order to attract users. This means they can use Instagram exclusively for posting images of outfits. The business would use Twitter to tweet about any updates like sales or discounts as it’s a quick way to send out messages. Not only this they would use it for customer service as it’s easier for customers to give feedback. Using these three social media sites the business is able to keep track of its customers as well as competitors. Lastly, it’s a way for the business to identify what their customers are looking for as well as ways they can improve the business.

Success criteria and targets
Measuring success and setting targets is important as it shows the business whether they are benefiting from the money and time spent. Identifying criteria for measuring success will show the business what benefits they can get from using social media. The business is going to set a reasonable target for gaining a certain number of ‘likes’ or followers within 5 months of starting. The targets set itself should be quite modest as it’s a small business. It’s unlikely that the business will see major results in a short timescale as it can take some time to build up a number of followers and develop an online community. As the business is using multiple social media sites they should set a target for each, therefore, they can measure the performance of each site and see which is most beneficial. The business is setting a target of attaining 10 likes on Facebook within 2 weeks. They are aiming to achieve 30 followers on each social media site within the first month.

Timescale and responsibilities
It’s vital for the business to manage their time and work efficiently. It’s important for the business to look at who does what task within the organisation as well establish timescales by creating an action plan. Action plans are used to implement a structured plan for the end goal intended to achieve. Additionally, it provides the business with a foundation in which they can prioritise the amount of time spent on each task.

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