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Investigation of Life on Mars

For me to determine if there is life within the soil of Mars I am going to have the Martian soil collected. It will have to be kept in special containers that will prevent anything contaminating the soil. I will have to do my analyses within a special area that can be keep totally free of any outside influences such as outside unfiltered air. All surfaces must be maintained and keep completely sterile of outside influences. Then I will use physical and chemical tests and life detection analyses to determine if there are any microorganisms. I will be looking for physical signs of life. I will run chemical tests of the soil to see if it contains elements that can be associated with a biological system. Such elements could be carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorous and sulfur. I will have to run tests on the cellular components of cell walls, membranes, proteins, and DNA. I can scan samples to look for the biochemical signs of life. I would be looking for things such as amino acids, DNA, peptides, lipids, enzymes and cell wall materials. If I do not find evidence in these first test I could go one step further. I could attempt to culture extracts from the samples. I will check the cultures over time to watch for colony growth or chemical changes that could indicate a working metabolism by an organism. If these tests all prove inconclusive I could do a set of biohazard tests I will be trying to find evidence of any metabolism, growth, reproduction or chemical changes in the samples that might be caused by a living entity. By testing for indications of biohazard I will look for changes or adverse effects on representative Earth species that could be caused by anything within the sample materials.

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