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It is a security system that helps to regulates who or what can view or use resources in a computing environment. It is also a fundamental concept in security that help tp minimizes risk in business or organization.(Rouse, 2018)

How does it work
It is a system which allows employee to know and control who can access to each area of the hotel premises. Guests is able to use their room key card to access the pool, the gym, the business center if the hotel allow, while it can also prevent access to individuals who are not patrons of the hotel. This keeps people who are not paying guests from wandering in. (Bean-Mellinger, 2018).Other than restricting people who are not hotel guest, it can also make restricted areas, such as financial files and computers, available only to the employees who need access to it.

Examples of Control Access System
Technology companies such as Salto, can coordinate card access with other building systems so that all of security measures work together.A Kaba locks Access Control System & oneywell Security Intruder Alarm System also provides a flexible and secure environment for guests, staff and contractors, the Beaumont restricts door access through specific proximity-based, access controlled doors in both the front and back of house.(, 2013)

Benefits and problems of using Control Access System

Table no. : Benefits and problems of using Control Access System (Holders Total Security, 2018)(Hoyos, 2015)
Massive reduction of lost keys
Business can simply remove employee’s access card from the system and issue a new card when necessary.

No Undetected Strangers
Control System helps prevent intruders from slipping in undetected.

Secure Sensitive Information
Control access system allows a business to limit the access to certain areas.

Reduce Theft and Accidents
An Access Control System allows hotel to give authorize people access to designated areas.

Control Multiple Access Across Multiple Properties
Huge upfront cost

Infrastructure of the network needs to be installed to all controlled access doors, the door hardware must be changed, and a central system established.

Requires backup power options in case of a power loss

IT attacker can gain access into a server room.
Attackers could steal easy-to-grab devices with sensitive information on them, delete and alter information, disrupt normal business operations, hack into a system and cause a data breach through wifi.

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