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Katsushika Hokusai, a painter who lived in ten different houses and used fifty different names became the most eccentric Japanese painter in history. He was born in the City of Edo that is now known as Tokyo to be the son of a metal engraver. Hokusai worked very quickly and made plenty of huge drawings. After each drawing he finished, he would toss it on the floor and his studio would be covered in scattered papers. When each house got too filled with drawings, he would simply move to another. Hokusai published his first book of sketches in 18000, with scenes and Edo itself. When his fame spread, he was invited to many drawing demonstration. Examples would be like when he stood in front of a crowd and painted Buddha with a paint brush the size of a broom. Another one would be when he painted a flight of birds onto one single grain of rice. His humor was never kept behind a line. He knew he had great skills but instead entertain himself by pretending modesty. When he was close to passing away, he cried out, “If Heaven would grant me ten more years! If Heaven would grant me five more years, I would become a real painter!” On his grave, he’s carved with his name and known as the Old Man Mad About Drawing.

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