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Kids who fuel up in the morning with a breakfast high in carbohydrates and protein before heading off to school gain many benefits, both mental and physical. These benefits not only last throughout the school day, but also can contribute to overall health and school performance over the long term, Coila (2017). Kids who eat breakfast have better concentration during school hours than kids who skip the morning meal. Eating breakfast every day can even improve your mental performance and math scores, according to a study in the August 2013 issue of “Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.”
As the study of Ramos (2014) shows how important it is to eat breakfast for, in academically aspect it boost your energy that helps you in cognitional state. Example if you’re a soldier would you go in a war field without a gun? It is the same through in schools for students that breakfast is the primary need for survival of the day. Wah (2016) dig deeper through his study on how breakfast is related to a student need and achievements. The survey shows three kind of student’s compliance, with a higher rate of success in quizzes and exams those are the students who eat breakfast in the morning. Second students who fail in most exams, low self-esteem lacks academic consistency or acquires lower grades those are the students who skips breakfast frequently. but there are students who are consistent even if they skip breakfast or eat it daily which is rare traits in students and really not commendable.
Hence the important of breakfast some studies skip breakfast because of sleeping too late in night and sometimes they think it is a way to stay thin (Gavin, 2013). Children who are hungry because of skipping breakfast will get distracted and have behavioral problems and will be disturbed during class according to (Kleinman, 2014). Skipping breakfast or consuming an insufficient breakfast contributes to dietary lacking that are sometimes compensated for at other meals. A morning meal contributes to both quantity and quality of the total required intake of energy, protein, carbohydrates, micronutrients such as iron and calcium.
Breakfast helps in controlling appetite and keeping the students focused on learning throughout the day. According to Fleck, A. (2018) breakfast has beneficial effects on the memory (short-term) and students who have eaten their breakfast will be more attentive and can remember things more than the usual. As study shows that breakfast help us in many ways they are basic needs that needs to be met every day.

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