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Life in Colonial America was by no means easy. Each person had to work hard so as to produce the necessities of life. In the southern states, men outnumbered women which led to a relatively unstable family life. However, all colonials, male or female, had to ensure survival in any possible way. The work required to sustain a family in the early colonies was demanding for all.
More specifically, during the colonial period, an independent woman was really rare to have responsibilities away from the home. A woman’s role was based only by the opportunities afforded her by privileges that she was given by her father or husband. Therefore, a woman living in colonial America had very limited activities outside of her home. Women were expected to get married, have children, work solely in home and do generally activities that were only about her home and family like cleaning and cooking, and obey their husbands. Her way of life was following a typical daily routine. Therefore, women were an essential component of the nuclear family because without a strong and productive wife and mother, the family would have struggled to survive. Women always held important roles that without them a family could not survive.
Though people usually tend to focus on the role of men during the Colonial Era, the colonies would have failed without women’s bravery and hard work as well. In Colonial America, women played an essential role in the growth and survival of America. As homemakers, they were capable enough to influence society despite the limitations that they were put on. In many ways, it was the backbreaking hard work of women that the United States was built upon.
In the history of America and especially during the American Revolution a generally held view was that of the Republican Mother. Women were named with this term as they had an important role after the end of the British monarchy that controlled America all those years. Whether at home or on the battlefield, the roles of women in the Revolutionary War was an integral part in helping America achieve its independence.
The term Republican Motherhood represents a belief that mothers were responsible for raising children to practice the principles of republicanism, thus making them perfect citizens of a new country. A woman’s role changed from just having domestic responsibilities to passing on values of morality and civic duty to her children and especially sons. In this way, women were powerful, expressing independence and were based on their own religious beliefs and political views. During the Revolution, a Republican mother was raising her children to value patriotism and, in particular, she was supporting her sons to fight for liberty, while at the same time she was encouraging her daughters to develop the same attitude that will follow as mothers of the next generation.
After the American Revolution, the role of women changed. They were not only a part of the society, a simple citizen, but a voter with developed political beliefs that her new job in the new era was to raise patriotic children. Moreover, women were forming social groups and spreading their ideas that then passed to the new nations. They proved that had power and wide influence and they showed pretty courageous and as patriotic as men. Whether at home or on the battlefield, the role of women in the Revolutionary War was an integral part in helping America achieves its independence.
What is highly important to mention is that the period of Republican Motherhood is difficult to be included as a part of the Feminism. This happened because there are two different points of view. The first one supports that there was a period of two worlds, the public world of men and the domestic world of women, whereas on the other hand, it is claimed that the Republican Motherhood was a period that women obtained education and political beliefs that changed the typical “Women’s work”, which means their daily routine of just being mothers and a wives.

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