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Macbeth at the beginning of the play seems to express his acts of soliloquy as the theme is developed and expressed in the play, such as the certain visions caused within the play by guilt. Such as the “Dagger of the mind” examines is not spiritual in any way shape or form that is rather just a hardship that Macbeth experiences the contemplation of the killing towards king Duncan. Furthermore, it stands as an orderly figure that push’s him in the direction that he was going, almost as if it was leading him toward a gruesome bloody act of murder or deed that he has tried to resolve, as it seems to harbor him and follow him with a taunting presence. This can also be concluded after Macbeth kills king Duncan, as he hears a ghostly series of words or a voice that could be King Duncan as well as the appeared ghost of Banquo in the 3rd ACT or ACT 3. However, throughout many stories, many are concluded as psychological and just your conscious rather than an actual apparition and or spiritual experience.

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