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Market Segmentation: Take Out
Diving a board customer market is known of process of market segmentation. Consistently of existing and essential customer into the sub groups of customer which called a market segment based on some characteristic.
Take Out has dividing their market by Demographic segmentation, Geographic segmentation, Psychographic segmentation and Behavioral segmentation.

As the Demographic segmentation, people at age of 18 to 30/35 years old male and female, are the regular customer of Take Out. Also young and adult, married couple, unmarried people, group of people or friends are coming and enjoy their delicious burger.

Geographical segmentation is main advantage for Take Out. Because their branches are situated in the populated and busy area like Banani, Dhanmondi, Uttara. Take Out, Dhanmondi branch is situated in the university area and shopping mall. So that Take Out achieves extra benefit for their geographic location. And also Banani and Uttara branches take a geographical benefit by populated area.

As the Psychographic segmentation, people who belong to the upper class, middle class are also the customer of Take Out. People who always loyal towards Take Out are the target customer. Naturally those people always prefer this brand without second thought.

As the Behavioral segmentation, Take Out offers many occasional offers like Ramdan, Eid, Puja, Christmas. Sometimes they offer some special offers for their loyal customers. Their loyal customer has a positive attitude for their product that’s why Take Out is the most successful restaurant at Dhaka city.

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