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Metacognition is part of the 16 Mind of Habits which are having the abilities to work through the real-life situation that prepare you to act mindfulness, thought and purposeful procedure as to have the ability to a positive outcome. The term Metacognition implies to is monitoring what you know and don’t have a clue about, understanding what you should know for a specific task and be having a thought of how to utilise your present abilities to realise what you don’t have the foggiest idea (Appendix 1).
My term one report results were not to my expectation due to this as in PLP and Religious my grade was lower than what I was expecting.
Regarding my results, most of my teacher has given me positive comments. In History/Geography, Miss. Morey states, “Mamu demonstrated a good knowledge and provides a good analyse” which suggests that I have habits, of, Striving for Accuracy and Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations as I got B as my grade. In Health, Miss. Morey commented, “Mamu typically applied appropriate movement concepts and strategies to new and challenging movement context.” It is reflected in this comment that I have the habits of Persisting, Taking Responsible Risks and Remaining Open to Continuous Learning. In Art, Mrs Ernst remark, “Mamu demonstrated that she can use research skills to find information on various theory tasks set for the term.” This applies to I am capable of Thinking Flexibly, Creating, Imagining, Innovating and Gathering Data through All Senses (Appendix 3).
In my report, I received a couple of negative comment. In Furnishing, I tended to give up quickly when producing my work. I need to slow down and not rush my work due to frustration. In another word, Thinking about Thinking, Managing Impulsivity and Gathering Data through All Senses is a habit that I need to develop. Due to this, I got a C in Religious Study which to my parents isn’t acceptable. In this particular subject, I don’t demonstrate the habits of Striving for Accuracy, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations and Persisting (Appendix 3). As Mrs Dallah, comment, “I only memorised 1 verse of Surah Al-Hujuraat” which made my parents disappointed in me.
Taking these comments into consideration, I need to be able to acquire the habits of Managing Impulsivity, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations, Persisting and Questioning and Posing Problems. These habits need to be developed but only to the particular subjects stated above. By assessing my report, the majority of the habits of mind I have previously demonstrated.

According to my friends, the way to improve my habits is Open to Continuous Learning to be able to welcome new knowledge on all subjects, either by asking a question and able to open to the new idea (Appendix 4).
The habits of mind I have determined to build up are Questioning and Posing Problems, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision, Taking Responsible Risks and Listening To Others—With Understanding and Empathy especially in PLP, Religious, English and Science. By improving these habits there are few ways to do it. First, I need to constrain in class and try not to let go of what the teacher has told in class. This way I could keep my thought and therefore I could be able to apply for test or self-knowledge. Another way, I need to develop those habits of mind is by taking note in class to use as a reference for new assignments.
I think that by putting a lot of effort into those subjects I will be able to improve my grade and achieve my goals. I also need to realise that I need to pick up other good habits of mind.
My Parents and brothers can help me in achieving my goal by reminding me to finish my task on due dates and by drafting my work (Appendix 2). Another strategy that I need to implement is to practice at home what I have learned in school.
My inspiration to become a better person in the future I need to be studying hard to pay particular attention to get higher ATAR score to get into better University and having the capacity to experience in the new thing which will provide me to change my personality for good.
However, before I graduate from year 12 I need to complete my SACE and one of the way to enhance it is the understanding of Seven Capabilities to use as strategies in PLP, Religious, English and Science. Literacy will allow me to communicate with a teacher in an affected way as English is my second language.
Numeracy will be used when learning balancing formula in science as I need to know the number of each formula. ICT skills will be used for research in Religious, English, Science and PLP. Critical and thinking creative thinking will be developed when creating sentence in those four main subjects as well writing an article in my own article. The Personal and Social capability will be used when having a conversation with teachers or presenting in front of everyone in class also during group work. Ethical understand will be used as in Religious we tend to learn more than one religion. The religions are learnt whilst learning different religions. Intercultural understanding will be developing in Religious as it is the study of the different culture.

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