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Middle School and High School Cell Phone Policy
The Board policy will be in effect at all times, including the state consequences for unauthorized use or possession during the school day.
When a teacher has made the professional determination that a student’s personal technology (tablet, laptop or cell phone) has a legitimate application to the content being taught, the teacher may allow students to use their devices under his/her supervision and direction. Teachers that allow the use of personal devices will include that information in their course syllabus. Any other use, even in a classroom or location where it was previously allowed, would be considered a violation of the original policy. In all cases, the student is ultimately responsible for the content and use of the device, and is subject to the conditions and consequences of the Sumner County Board technology use guidelines which are signed at registration before the first day of attendance. It is extremely unlikely that middle school students would ever need their cell phone for a school activity or lesson. Therefore, middle school students should be discouraged from bringing their cell phones to school, and may not use them unless instructed by a teacher or principal.
Lunch is, by nature, a social activity which is an important part of any student’s day. Therefore, cell phones will NOT be allowed during lunch in the cafeteria or commons area. There is no educational purpose for cell phone or device use during lunch. Students that choose not to eat lunch, and have explicit permission to be under the supervision of a teacher or library media specialist, may receive permission to use that time for academic purposes, which could include the use of their device.
Possible consequences for violation of the cell phone policy include:
1. Confiscating the phone to be returned by the principal or administration
2. Confiscating the phone to be returned only to the legal parent/guardian after 3:00
3. Confiscating the phone as above AND school level discipline (detention, ISS, etc.)
4. Revocation of electronic privileges on the school campus (NOTE: possessing a cell phone is not a protected, guaranteed right)
Merrol Hyde is not responsible for security of a confiscated cell phone. Any student who refuses to offer their device when requested by any adult is subject to severe disciplinary action, up to and including long term suspension from school.

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