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My opinion based on Martin Luther King quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, is related with the idea that if injustice exist in a country, and this country allows abuse and maltreatment of their citizens this will probably affect all the people around the world. The logic of this is very simple, if a country’s citizens are maltreated there will come a point that they will think that this is a normal phenomena. According to this somebody who is pushed himself, will never fight or be impressed if somebody else will be treated in the same way. And this will lead to a domino effect, which means that maltreatment and abuse will affect all the countries around the world.
Nowadays, most of the people hear about injustice all the time especially on the media, or even on the internet and they are totally indifferent about it because they just consider this something which happens far away from them. They hear about terrorism, or sexual abuse with kids, very common phenomena in some parts of the world and as they are not living in those countries they believe that this are things that will never affect their lives. But, those people do not notice that they allow different kinds of maltreatments in their everyday life. For example lots of emigrant which are living in European countries, most of which come from dangerous countries, where terrorism is a threat for their lives, they allow to be treated unequally in comparison with european citizens. So, their kids grow up with inferiority complex. And after they grow up, they do express their hate by doing terrorist acts against the natives. And I think this is a very good example to illustrate what Martin Luther King said about injustice. Injustice might be as well an ethnic and religious phenomena. If we analyze the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina were many Bosnians were killed by Serbian and Croatian, we notice that even nowadays that the war has finished consequences are horrible. I’m sure that most of the citizens do not even think about Bosnians as they do not consider the war there their business, and of course they do not react about this case, but they forgot that this affect the world where they live. As a consequences of this war many Bosnian citizens suffer from depression, most of them feel unsecure in their own country and for this they have choose to emigrate in other countries. So they have their indication in the countries that they are living now.
The examples that I talked on the paragraphs before are exactly the same with the case that Marin Luther King is treating. In those days the racism against black people was a big problem all around the world and Martin Luther King was their voice to protect their right. The same things we should do with the problems that concern our society today. We should all be interested to solve those problems like terrorism and maltreating so no one in the world will suffer problems from this phenomenon. This does not mean that in the world will be in total peace and there would be no problems nut we all should try to solve this problems in the right way. The problems are very big and difficult but the way to solve them is more difficult than the problems itself. The people should try to solve those problems in the right way and in a peaceful way because if they try the opposite they will not solve those big problems and they will also cause bigger problems to the society and there will be a chaos all around the world.

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