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One of the major problems of Marxism is that it left revolution in the hands of the most illiterate people who didn’t properly express Marx’s original ideas. By giving the government a greater role in education and health, it gave them a disproportional role in actually governing. Also, the Marxist society abandons democracy completely in favor of the workers being represented by one party which became equal to the state. Getting workers to decide about the fate of their factories resulted in poor decisions based on lack of knowledge in management. Lots of ideas of Marxism were created with great optimism for human nature, but could simply not function. Any type of governing, either on a national scale or within a factory was doomed for disaster as it could not be properly enforced by democratic means. Lack of control of government always results in tyranny. Considering these points, the system of communism would appear to be a more just system, although it’s not practical at all. For Marxism to be successfully implemented , very high levels of social and economic development are needed.

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