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Other than his military conquests Trajan was also responsible for many for the great architecture in Rome such as trajans forum and trajans column. He was remembered for his great social welfare policies and his various building programs. One of the most significant buildings in Rome that is still standing today is trajans column as seen in figure one, the column is illustrated with all the great achievements such as the wars against Dacia, the first event clearly states the solders marching off to war but the final sequence states the suicide of the dacian leader decebulus this event was one of the great achievements of trajans reign. The sculptures took amazing care to sculpt natural backgrounds and different perspectives for example whenever you see Trajan his role was made clear, he would mostly be addressing troops, on the column it was shown that during the war against the dacians the roman solders were in uniform and are presented as strong individuals whereas the dacians were weaker and insignificant to the romans. Not only did he build architecture but he also helped the public with building road systems and aqueducts as well as public baths and extending the port of OSTIA. This proves that Trajan was a great emperor to Rome and for his people. Pliny the younger said “for who can give better guidance to my hesitation or inform my ignorance?” (primary source: letters to Trajan 10.96-97) this states that Trajan is respected by many and is depended on to make great decisions not only for his people but for others as well. The roman coin figure two seems to prove that Trajan is a very significant emperor in history the coin is made of gold minted around 103-111 in Rome, on the coin we see Trajan giving holding an object in his left hand, handing it to the boy and girl, the little boy extends his left hand towards Trajan and the girl stretches both hands this proves that Trajan cares a lot about the welfare of his people. Before trajans reign there were many other great emperors who also had built architecture in Rome, this tradition was continued onto trajans preasser Hadrian who built the arch of Hadrian in honor of his concibutions to the city not only that, he had also built a wall, rebuilt trajans forum and the pantheon.

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