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Our main products and services:
Five Stars Hotels is a company that owns 43 luxury compounds dislocated over five continents.
Five Stars Hotels provide his costumers luxury experiences that are not limited to the accommodation but include also luxury tours and excursions in the territory.

Our products and services include:

Luxury Hotels and Resorts
Serviced Luxury Apartments in modern city condos
Glamping Resorts
Food Catering:

Restaurants and Bars within the complex
Services for guests:

Spas and Wellness Centers
Excursions in the surroundings
Courses and activities (eg. wine tasting, cooking and sport classes etc.)

In order to provide a five star service our Company relies on a workforce with more than 3000 employees.

Our main costumers:
Our costumers are our guests: mainly couples and small families which are looking for a luxury stay during their holidays. Our guests age average is between 25 and 55. Our costumers have different nationalities even though the majority of our guests are from USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Our purpose and goals:
Our operative goals:

Keep growing steadily and add 8 more locations within 2022.
Enhance employees retention by 15% by the end of 2019.
Increase our market share by 30% in the next two years.
Our official goal:

Offering only experiences of exceptional quality. Our goal is to maintain the leadership within the sector of luxury hotels, resorts and residence clubs.

External factors that impact on our business activities

Staff availability: this factor can have a strong impact on our business activities. Although the situation changes significantly according to the compound location, quite a few of our facilities are located in remote areas, in order to offer our clients a unique experience while being surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes. This facilities require a lot of work in terms of recruiting: to find valuable staff the Company is often forced to recruit internationally and offer relocation packages, extremely competitive salaries and benefits while still struggling to retain talents. This situation has an high impact on the costs.
Competition: Being in a technological era where everybody has everything just a click away, fighting competitors through effective marketing campaigns is essential. We always make sure to offer something more than the competition and to advertise accordingly.
Legal factors: Changes in the law can affect heavily our activities: for our business is vital to operate within legal standards. Dealing with legal factors is even more complicated considering the numbers of location we operate in, all around the world. For instance, a change in the tax laws within a certain area that raise the minimum wages will affect costs for our business as well.
Environmental factors: Our Company is focusing on ecotourism and if we want to reduce our ecological impact, we have to chose alternatives that are more expensive than the traditional ones. On the other side, market researches shown that our guests continue to chose us also because they value our ecological awareness.

Our structure

Front Office Functions:
handling room reservations,
greeting guests and provide them with every information they need to know about the resort,
coordinating guests services,
liaising efficiently with housekeeping to guarantee a smooth running of the activities,
maintaining accurate room status information,
registering guests in a timely manner,
maintaining guests accounts and monitor credit limits,
producing guest account statements,
completing financial settlements.

Accounting Functions:
monitoring the financial activities of the hotel,
handling invoices and unpaid statements,
collecting amounts owed,
processing employees payroll,
compiling financial reports,
processing functions as required by hotel management,
working closely with the front office department.

Marketing & Sales Functions:
handling sales, revenue management, convention services, advertising and public relations,
promoting and managing the brand,
designing ad hoc marketing strategies,
managing relationships with agencies and partners,
overseeing budgets for advertising, marketing and promotions,
monitoring competition.

Human Resources Functions:
resourcing employees,
managing compensations and benefits,
training staff and line managers,
handling employee relations,
workplace health and safety,
ensuring compliance to law regulations according to each Country’s standards.

Our organisational culture and 2 ways it affects operations

Our culture promotes collaboration and teamwork. Even though our organization structure is hierarchical and the decision making is based on levels of employment, our managers are fostering a non-competitive reality where everyone is invited to bring in new ideas and every contribute is highly valued. Our managers are trained to lead by example and give to every team member is respected as a unique individual. We believe in bring the best people together, so that we can achieve our Company’s goals.

This culture affects operations in the following ways:
every individual has an high internal motivation that dramatically reduce the need for controls on team members;
there’s a general rapid adaptation to change throughout the organization as well as a rapid learning and problem solving (this element is particularly important for our Company since we use innovation to beat the competition);
there’s a tendency to work and bond within members of same team or department, so sometimes conflict may arise among different departments.

Activity B

Our strategy

Our Company chose a strategy of differentiation. We aim to be the best on the market, even if this mean that we are not the cheapest. The brand we built has something different than the other luxury resorts brands. One of the reasons why we are able to offer always something different from the competition, is our constant innovation. We make sure to conduct periodical market surveys to find out what our market would like to have in their next holiday. Over the years we built our brand imagine as leaders in the sector of luxury vacations. To maintain our leading position we need to advertise accordingly.

How at least 3 HR activities support the organization’s strategy

Resourcing talent: one of our main strengths is our staff. We believe in hiring just the best: from line managers to uniformed service employees. Our HR Department is responsible for hiring the right amount and kinds of staff, while allocating them in the right place at the right time. HR select the right candidates capable of effectively and efficiently completing the tasks that will help our organization achieve its overall objectives. HR plan for the future staff needs of the organization, taking into account both internal and external factors.
Training: Training and development are essential components of our learning program. Our training and possibility to grow attracts and retains the employees in possession of skills and competencies needed to achieve the results we aim to. Our culture encourage a non-competitive environment where every staff member is invited to contribute to the company’s constant innovation. Training personnel on how to reach their best potential is key to an happier staff and every employee is offered the chance to advance their level and grow professionally through training. The Company changes and innovates constantly so HR often trains and develops the current staff to fill up new roles.
Managing performance: to encourage our staff professional development and a behavior that will benefit our Company goals, HR Department engage periodically in performance management. Part of this activity is Performance Related Pay (PRP) which can be considered as an incentive for staff to meet and exceed the target. PRP is linked to the performance of the individual and is paid when certain goals have been reached.
Pay and reward: beside being in charge of the payroll, HR Department can assist the organization defining a reward scheme to encourage staff productivity. This activity is directly linked to Performance Review: if an employee has reached his personal goals, he will receive a financial or non-financial. HR responsibility is also to benchmark in order to offer something more than competitors in terms of reward system.
Employee Satisfaction Survey: constantly monitor the employees morale is paramount to guarantee the best productivity. HR Department runs periodical surveys within staff to gain feedback about quality of labor environment, employee relations and general satisfaction level.
Behavioral Assessment: such assessments help the organization to find the right assets with the traits, temperament and innate talent while predicting performance in the future.
Job Benchmarking: this activity aims to understand the specific talents needed in order to guarantee high level performances.
Developmental Surveys: HR Department conduct this periodic analysis in order to quickly identify the kind of intervention needed for a further growth of the organisation.

At least 3 ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff
Training Line Managers to develop their skills
Advising on Disciplinaries and Grievances
Managing Employment Relationship

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