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School trips help to develop the understanding and self-confidence of the young people involved whilst enhancing the curriculum for the pupils taking part as they allow educational knowledge to be developed by placing in context the work undertaken in class and the application of this knowledge in the wider world. It is also recognised that educational visits outside school pose concerns with regard to the safety of the individuals involved and the opportunity for difficulties to arise. Policies and procedures for outings are set to guarantee that students get the benefit of the trip with minimum risks. These policies outline the stages involved in planning an educational visit detailing information that should be shared with parents/carers and the requirement of permission to allow the child to attend the trip. The aims of the procedures are to outline the expected behaviours of the children and staff, supervisory arrangements which are needed to conduct a safe visit, a list of responsibilities of those involved in organising and conducting the visit. These procedures will also outline reporting procedures which should be monitored following an incident occurring on a school visit with an included emergency contact list.

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