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Step 2B: Problems and Illustration
1. Quality of work output and productivity dropped
2. Issues within company management
3. Lack of proper accounting
4. Customer service and social media management
5. Lack of necessary management training

Facts and Causes:
Decline in quality and productivity
– little to no communication
– work overload
– low employee morale
– lack of delegation

Impacts and Effects:
The investigation carried out at the Roanoke branch of the Phoenix Advertising company brought to light, the issues with management and employee relations that caused performance and work ethic to be significantly affected.
Employees found themselves working on average, a 12 hour longer week trying to meet deadlines. Complaints were also made of the workload placed on the employees due to the lack of a full work force and delegation. This resulted in a drop in morale and production and an increase in sick days. Projects took longer due to lack of communication, and morale dropped because employees felt drained and uncompensated for extra overtime. The employees showed a huge diminution in their enthusiasm to work, which saw an ebb in their performance level and work output.
New management has not been trained accordingly; hence they have not been following standard procedures with staff administration.

1. Graphic designers and art directors are to schedule a daily meeting to discuss all project outlines and updates. This clear line of communication will ensure timely delivery of service to clients and reduce extended overtime hours.
2. Traditional procedure training will be scheduled for all newly hired management immediately. One month after new management completes their training a second client survey will be sent out. Improvements in client response are expected at that time.
3. Employee achievements should be acknowledged, while blunders or failures in meeting targets should be addressed as soon as possible.
4. Add on more part-time workers to assist in the reduction of the overall workload of our full-time employees, especially during peak seasons.

After applying the data gathered from the investigation carried out at the Roanoke branch to a line graph, you can clearly see the comparison of the weekly hours of employees under new management, against the hours worked under the previous management.
A bar graph will be used to show client satisfaction under old management, new management and new management after traditional procedure training. All of the findings can be compared in a clear and concise manner.

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