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Summary Analysis of Shitty First Drafts
Anne Lammot, in her article, “Shitty first drafts” is exactly about what its name suggests. Complete with its insecurities and failures, the author tries to give an honest advice on the nature of writing life. Anne through her humorous approach to some of the realities of being a writer has highlighted every chapter of her article in a wry and anecdotal manner and she has tried to offer advice on many of the things from perfectionism to struggling with even one’s own internal critic and also from plot development to jealousy.

The author begins to discuss the stereotypes that many people actually assume to be true. She goes ahead to comfort the reader that it is essential to draft or write the shitty first draft. She continues to clearly remark that just because writers make a lot of money and become millionaires doesn’t mean that the writer never struggles or never goes through any hardship more so when it comes to drawing the first draft.
The author continues to compare the first draft to the writing of a child. She goes on to discuss how being vulnerable like a child, in turn, allows you to pour out all things that come into your mind on a paper. She argues that in the first pages of the drafts, the child in us is dominant but slowly it will be taken over by a more mature voice. The good sentences are then meant to come when the emotional part has been exhausted. She argues that were it not for the pouring and rambling everything on the paper, one will never find whatever you are looking for.
Lamott continues to get the audience the description technique of writing to her real actual life. She clears introduces to the readers her position in writing food reviews for the California magazine. She talks about her own writing, where she explains every step she undertook in the writing one of these reviews. In the end, she terms the whole process becomes like a re-occurring cycle meaning it repeats the same way each and every time a writer starts their first draft.
Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” presents a rhetorical argument that attempts to rid the minds of the audience that actually the excellent writers write elegantly during their first drafts. The author may be credible through her use of humor and sarcasm but I strongly feel the article was short of credibility and evidence. Her sarcasm in the article lacks persuasion to some audience, other aspects logos, and pathos.
Lamott represents a strong voice in the article which is a key in a good rhetorical argument, nevertheless, the tone tends to aggressively come out with a bit of sarcasm. The tone might not impress and satisfy a highly interested audience as much as it can be fun to readers looking for humor. Lamott uses a harsh tone while referring to a writer “we do not think that she has a larger inner life….” It is so straightforward to me and will not appeal to a certain audience like the old wise people while it might look to impress the young.

In conclusion, as much as Lamott puts all writers on the spotlight and encouraging them to write those shitty first drafts for she personally believes they help, the concepts for a good rhetoric (ethos, logos, and pathos) make her work ineffective.

Work cited
Lamott, Anne. “Shitty First Drafts.” Bird by Bird. New York: Random House, 1994.

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