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SUNIL KUMAR1, M H SIDRAM2 1 M. Tech Scholar, Dept. of EEE, JSS STU, Mysuru, Karnataka, India HYPERLINK [email protected] [email protected] 2 Associate Professor, Dept. of EEE, JSS STU, Mysuru, Karnataka, India HYPERLINK [email protected] [email protected] Abstract. In present era, a Power Quality is a matter of concern. The modern power system aims to transmit the power with superior quality. The quality of supply is distorted due to power sensitive gadgets. It results in failure of the end user appliances. On recent Power Quality studies Voltage sag/swell due to change in loads and harmonics due to sudden switching elements are considered to be the most frequently occurring power quality problems. The impact on these PQ problems are severe on sensitive loads. Due to more usage of power electronic devices and sensitive loads the harmonics also increases. The harmonics may have a greater impact on the consumers and utility. Voltage/Current harmonics are common problem at the source side or at the load side and may lead to malfunctioning or failure of the system. These harmonic problems can be rectified with the help of Current Injection Technique. The study demonstrates to develop PI Controller (PIC) and Fuzzy Logic controller (FLC) to inspect the function of Current Injection Technique for mitigation of current harmonics. The Current Injection Technique is validated with Hybrid of FLC and PIC, for the improvement of power quality. The main objective of this work is to get the ideal sinusoidal waveform, by reducing the harmonics. This is done by series injection transformer with LC filter. Current Injection Technique is employed with PIC and FLC. The configuration of current injection technique is simulated in MATLAB/Simulink using SimPower system Blockset Toolbox. Keywords Current Injection Technique, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), Proportional Integral (PI) Controller. 1 Introduction The electrical power system is composed of three functional blocks generation, transmission and distribution. For adequate and reliable c of power system, the generation system must be able to produce the necessary power to meet the customers demand, the transmission system must be able to transport bulk of power over a long distance without any burden on the stability of the system and distribution system must be capable of delivering power to consumer premises. As the distribution system is located nearer to the consumers, the Power Quality (PQ) problems depends mainly on the distribution system. PQ is expressed as the collaboration of the power with electronical/electronic equipment. As the electrical network is very complex, and it is combined with load demand, variations in weather, generation etc., it contributes to loss of quality of power 1. Power Quality (PQ) issue that is attractively increasing importance at all the levels of electricity. PQ problems has become a great interest for power system analysis and research. Usage of sensitive electronic equipment and non-linear loads at the domestic and industrial level, an intensify awareness of PQ is elaborated 2. The PQ problems can cause either from source side or at the load side. The load side PQ problems are due to widespread proliferation of electronic equipments like adjustable speed drives (ASD), energy efficient lighting, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and also led to the change the nature of electrical loads. The problems at the source side are due to the voltage sag/swell, interruptions, Blackouts, Brownouts and imbalance in voltage. These non-linearities can cause disturbances in current/voltage waveforms. PQ problems are major victims and cause severe threat at all the levels of power system. PQ problems are the ideally due to enormous consumption of electrical power. Due to all PQ problems harmonics are treated as the major problem 5. Heating of electrical machines and core of transformer, line voltage distortion, increased transmission and distribution losses are due to the current harmonics and reactive power. Large-scale usage of non-linear loads may cause deterioration of power quality. It also results in great economic losses 5. One of the most frequently occurring PQ problems are associated with Voltage Sag/Swell and harmonic 9. Such problems can cause heavy flow of current and reduces the life span of the appliances or can cause over voltage and it affects the equipment insulation. In industrial power system or at the electrical utility the problems of harmonics are not new. However, the problems of harmonics are increasing due to widespread of controlled electronic devices. All electrical equipments are prone to damage/failure when they are exposed to one or more PQ problems. Many approaches are available to mitigate the harmonics, it includes passive filters, active filters, switching technique, hybrid filter technique and current reinjection technique 7 etc., Some of these techniques show advantages and disadvantages in terms of efficiency, complexity, performance, cost, reliability and range in size. The harmonic current injection technique has advantage of higher efficiency and relatively low cost. This dissertation attempts to explain the various control strategies providing a reliable solution to the faulted system with the help of Hybrid of PI 7 and Fuzzy Logic Controller. The endorse system utilizes Hybrid of PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller to explore the accomplishment levels of controllers in order to increase the capability of the system. 2 Proposed System Power quality is an issue gaining significant interest due to huge economic losses which is the result of various voltage disturbances occurring in the system. Among the voltage disturbances, voltage sag, voltage swell, and harmonics is most severe that adversely affects the performance of the system. The one such efficient reliable solution is the Current Injection Technique. The current injection principle is based on the concept that the distorted current waveform is corrected by another injected current waveform thus reducing the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) by employing Hybrid PI Controller and Fuzzy Logic (FL) Controller. Current injection devices like Zig-Zag transformers and two single phase transformers can also be used. The function of these unit is to shape the current and to reduce current harmonics. 2.1 Block Diagram of Current Injection System The proposed system of Current Injection Technique with several components which are represented in various blocks that is shown in the Fig.1. Fig.1 Schematic diagram of Current Injection Technique The Current Injection Technique is implemented on normal three phase system in which the 3-phase source voltage is fed to the 3-phase transformer and it is converted into normal AC to DC supply through diode rectification. Here for controlling purpose Hybrid of Proportional Integral (PI) Fuzzy Logic (FL) has been used, and the controlled output of the controller is given to the Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) where DC is converted into AC. Injection Transformer is used to inject current to that the distorted current waveform is corrected by another injected current waveform thus reducing the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The load is assumed to be a resistive load and the filter is used to obtain a smooth sine waveform. The aim of the project is to implement some of the important blocks, that are Converter and Inverter, PI Controller and Fuzzy Logic Controller blocks, Injection Transformer, shown in Fig.1. 2.1.1 Diode Bridge Rectifier Diode bridge rectifier is used with the current injection technique. The three-phase diode bridge rectifier is extensively used. The improved power quality at AC DC converters now it has become vital importance to develop a technique to improve the PQ at AC interface of the three-phase diode bridge rectifier (DBR). With DBR a current injection technique is used to get rid of harmonic content. This paper examines the effect of the three arm DBR topology with three-phase starstar connected transformer and thus by eliminating the harmonics and thereby improving THD. 2.1.2 Inverter (DC/AC Converter) Inverter which converts from DC to AC supply. When inverters used in any network/circuit usually it consists of some harmonic elements. Harmonic components can cause overheating of sensitive loads and may affect the overall operation of the network. Here IGBT/Diode inverter is used for conversion of DC voltage to AC voltage. The gate terminal of IGBT is triggered with PWM generator with delay. A separate DC source is used for the inverter with resistor and capacitor. The capacitor is used at the source to decouple the effect of the inductance from a DC voltage source to power bridge. Sensitive electronic loads may also display erratic operation. 2.1.3 Series Injection Transformer The series injection transformer tool is a part of modern day current injection system. The harmonic current is equally divided into three parts by the current injection device and injects them back to the supply lines. The zigzag autotransformer, two single phase transformer, three phase inductor and WYE-WYE connected transformer are recommended for current injection devices. Recirculation of harmonic currents is achieved on the secondary side of the transformer. They are often used in pairs or multiple sets for higher order harmonic cancellation (5th, 7th, 11th, 13th etc.). The effects of higher order harmonics on the transformer are related to the positioning of filtering system, i.e. inverter filtering side system line side filtering. Proposed system uses 3 single phase units of isolating transformer. The higher order harmonics are prevented by placing the LC filter at the inverter side and also prevents the harmonics passing through the transformer. The LC type filters delivers the filtered controlled Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) output to the injection transformer. 2.1.4 Filter A frequently used LC filter is used to interconnect an inverter and a transformer. It mitigates the output ripple and smoothening the output of the inverter. The LC filter gives a higher attenuation and being economic. These are electronic circuits comprising a combination of passive elements resistors, inductors capacitors. They perform signal processing functions to remove the unwanted frequency signals to enhance the desired signal output. LC type of filters corrects the harmonic output from VSI to provide compensation in the required phase of the 3-phase system. 3 Control Strategy In this work, different control strategies are investigated for present day current injection with emphasis on harmonics compensation. The promising control methods to compensate the harmonics are tested compared with simulation. The evolution of the performance of control strategies are made. The control strategies have been used namely Hybrid PI-Fuzzy Logic controller. These are discussed as below 3.1 Proportional Integral (PI) Controller A PI controller is derived from Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller. The PI controller is one of the most admired even more than compared to PID controller. PI controller improves the relative stability and eliminates the steady state error. It is a feedback control loop controller, widely used due to their robust working, wide range of operating conditions and simple to use. It is a combination of both Proportional control and Integral control. The output of both controllers is summation of Proportional (P) and Integral (I) of the error signal as shown in Fig.2. Fig.2. Control Strategy of PI Controller In the present case, the integral function provides the required new controller output, thereby allowing the error to be zero after a load change. The integral feature effectively provides a reset of the zero-error output, after the load change occurs. A load change occurs, that produces the error. The accommodation of the new load condition requires a new controller output. The controller output is supplied through a sum of proportional plus integral action that finally leaves the error at zero. The proportional part is obviously just an image of the error. The obtained error e IL at the sampling instant is used as input for PI controller. The output of PI controller used to trigger the gate terminal of the inverter. Its transfer function can be represented as (1) here, Ki is the integration constant that determines its settling time and Kp is the proportional constant that determines the dynamic response. PI controller to eliminate the steady state error. The proportional gain Kp 0.1 and integral gain Ki 200. 3.2 Fuzzy Logic (FL) Controller The operation of fuzzy controller could be very beneficial as relieves the device from exact bulky mathematical modelling calculations. The performance of fuzzy controller is well established for upgrades in both transient steady state. In fuzzy control Triangular shaped membership functions are required for inputs and outputs. The fuzzy controller comprises of four main functional modules namely Knowledge base, Fuzzification, Inference mechanism Defuzzification as shown in Fig.3. INCLUDEPICTURE http// MERGEFORMATINET Fig.3. Schematic Diagram of Fuzzy Logic Controller The fuzzy controller is described as follows Each input and output have seven fuzzy sets Crisp digital data which defines the Fuzzification Mamdani System defines the Inference mechanism De-fuzzification with centroid method Fuzzification Defining a crisp data or digital data operating on numerical value (fuzzy number) is called fuzzification. De-fuzzification According to real world necessary conditions FLC generates required output in linguistic variable (fuzzy number). The linguistic variables are to be transformed to crisp output. Database It stores the definition of membership function required by the fuzzifier and defuzzifier. The FLC are designed by considering the two inputs namely Current IL and frequency and an output. Seven linguistic variables are selected. The linguistic variables are NL, NM, NS, Z, PS, PM and PL. Triangular membership functions are selected for inputs and outputs. Table.1 Fuzzy Base Rule IL / FNLNMNSZPSPMPLNLLLLMZSZNMLLMZZZSNSLMSZZSSZMSSZSSMPSSSZZSMLPMSZZZMLLPLZSZMLLL The seven fuzzy subsets NL (Negative Large), NM (Negative Medium), NS (Negative Small), Z (Zero), PS (Positive Small), PM (Positive Medium), and PL (Positive Large) are chosen for each input variable as shown in Table.1. 4. Simulation of Current Injection Technique The proposed Current Injection Technique with Hybrid Proportional Integral (PI) Controller and Fuzzy Logic (FL) Controller The proposed system is implemented with and without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid of PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller. 4.1 System Modelling In three phase system Hybrid model of Fuzzy Logic controller and PI controller method is proposed and model is developed for the reduction of harmonics in case of with current injection technique exerting controller and without current injection technique exerting controller. In this proposed simulation three phase converter is connected to three-phase 50 Hz supply line through a three-phase star star connected transformer. The output of transformer had been portioned into two sections. First section will be used to analyse proposed methodology for current without injection. And another section is used to analyse the proposed methodology for current with injection using Hybrid of PI FL Controller. In which the IL is taken as reference current for Hybrid system. In proposed Hybrid system, IL is taken as ref current for both PI and FL controllers. The PI controller and FLC with triangular membership function is used to control the current to be injected into the line is analysed and studied. Both the controller signals are compared and the resultant output is used as triggering pulse for the gate terminal of the inverter. Normally, the inverter model carries the harmonics, hence LC filter is used for the mitigation of harmonics. Current Harmonics are injected to the line through the injection transformer by using filtered output of the proposed Hybrid model. The proposed system is implemented with interconnected AC DC system. Without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller The simulation model for without Current Injection Technique exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller is shown in Fig.4. The three-phase input current gets distorted due to the non-linear characteristics of the converter. As far as result is concerned the harmonics are more in case of without injection, the total harmonic distortion (THD) is 14.98. Fig.4. Simulation Model for Without Current Injection Technique exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic controller Fig.5 (a). Simulation Result Without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Method (Source Harmonics) Fig.5 (b). Simulation Result for Without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Method (Load Harmonics) Fig.5(a) and Fig.5(b) shows the without current injection technique exerting Hybrid PI and FL controller at the source side and at the load side and the total harmonic distortion (THD) is of 0.76 and 14.98 respectively. It clearly indicates the harmonic value are violating the standards set by IEEE 519-1992. Fig.6 (a). Output Waveform of Source Harmonics (Ia) Without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and FL Controller Fig.6 (b). Output Waveform of Load Harmonics (IL) Without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and FL Controller Fig.6(a) and Fig.6(b) shows the output waveform of without current injection technique exerting Hybrid of PI and Fuzzy Logic controller at the source side Ia and at the load side IL respectively. The waveform is distorted that the harmonics at the load side are more in case of without current injection technique exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller. With Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller As per the Simulink model the experiment has been carried out with current injection technique as shown in Fig.7. From a three-phase source the voltage is step down using a three-phase transformer (three winding) and the harmonics are measured in case of without injection. For the reduction of harmonics Hybrid of Proportional Integral (PI) method and Fuzzy Logic (FL) method has been used. By tuning the value of the Kp and Ki the PI method has been tuned and FLC triangular membership function is used, the output of PI and FLC method has given to the Gate signal of the inverter. Normally the inverter circuit has harmonic and it can be reduced through LC filter, and further through the injection transformer current harmonics had been injected to the line. Thus, after injection the harmonics are reduced to 1.06. Fig.7. Simulation Model for With Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid of Fuzzy Logic controller and PI controller To improve the Power Quality (PQ) by reduce the harmonics a Hybrid PI and FL controller method has been used. Due to these arrangements the total harmonic distortion (THD) has been reduced to 1.06 from 14.98 and source harmonics are not affected. Fig.8. to shows the simulation result of Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic method. Fig.8 (a). Simulation Result with Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Method (Source Harmonics) Fig.8 (b). Simulation Result of the Current Injection with Hybrid PI and Fuzzy Logic Method (With Injection) Fig.8(a) and Fig.8(b) shows the THD with current injection technique exerting Hybrid PI and FL controller at the source side and the load side is of 1.45 and 1.06 respectively. In this case after the current injection the source harmonics are slightly increased and load side harmonics are reduced drastically. Fig.9 (a). Output waveform of Source harmonics (Ia) with Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and FL Controller Fig.9 (b). Output waveform of Load harmonics (IL) without Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and FL Controller Fig.9 (c). Compensated Output waveform (IL1 with injection) With Current Injection Technique Exerting Hybrid PI and FL Controller Fig.9 (d). Compensation Output waveform when injected (IF injected current) Fig.9 shows the output waveform of with current injection technique exerting Hybrid of PI controller and Fuzzy Logic controller for single phase. Fig.9(a) shows the output waveform of source harmonics (Ia) which is not affected more due to current injection. Fig.9(b) shows the output waveform of the distorted (IL) (without compensation) waveform due to harmonics. Fig.9(c) shows the output waveform of the corrected (IL1) (with compensation) waveform with almost reduced harmonics. Fig.9(d) shows the output waveform of the filter circuit, which means compensating waveform (IF). Table.2 shows the comparison of THD () for with and without current injection technique exerting Hybrid (PI and Fuzzy Logic) controller. Table.2. Comparison of THD () for without and with Current Injection Technique Exerting Controller across Load Hybrid (PI and Fuzzy Logic) MethodWithout Current Injection Technique Exerting ControllerWith Current Injection Technique Exerting Controller14.98 1.06 Conclusion In a three-phase ACDC system the current injection technique has been proposed in this paper. The proposed system incorporates a series injection transformer with LC filter to get rid of harmonics. The Current Injection Technique is analyzed and the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is reduced greatly when it is implemented with Hybrid PI Controller and Fuzzy Logic (FL) Controller. In this proposed work the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is case of without current injection technique exerting Hybrid PI controller and Fuzzy Logic (FL) the harmonic content 14.98 is violating the IEEE standards of harmonic control and with current injection technique exerting Hybrid of PI and Fuzzy Logic Controller the THD have been reduced to 1.06 without affecting the source side harmonics. References Khan, Shazma, Balvinder Singh, and Prachi Makhija. A review on power quality problems and its improvement techniques.Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), 2017 Innovations in. IEEE, 2017. Kalia, Chirag, Divesh Kumar, and Pawan Rana. Analysis of Power Quality Improvement by using BFO-Fuzzy Controlled DVR. Kavitha, V., and K. Subramanian. Investigation of power quality issues and its solution for distributed power system.Circuit, Power and Computing Technologies (ICCPCT), 2017 International Conference on. IEEE, 2017. Chandrasekar, T., et al. 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A review on power quality problems and its improvement techniques.Power and Advanced Computing Technologies (i-PACT), 2017 Innovations in. IEEE, 2017. [email protected]
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