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th of a salesman and a Raisin in the sun.

The Death of a salesman is a play written by Arthur Miller while the Raisin in the sun is also a play written by Lorraine Hansberry. In the play Raisin in the sun, the certainty that the ideals of life, liberty and pursuit for happiness can actually become a realism to anyone willing to work for them indeed this is what is referred to as the American dream. Many of the people’s dreams come to be achieved yet to others the dreams are not accomplished. In the play, the Death of a salesman, a more equivalent relationship in a marriage and greater independence of the children in persuasion of individual paths seems an everyday idea and predictable of the world today. As we read through miller’s work, we wonder why all the males’ characters did not find professions that suits them better and hence bring satisfaction. We see that Willy had the expectations that the attainment of the American dream would be the raising of his children to material success and acknowledgement. On the other hand, Lorraine knew about disappointment, false hopes and despair. Most of her African American ancestors who had come north in search of better lives, unfortunately found out exploitation and frustrations turning their dreams to be a nightmare.
The two plays, Death of a salesman and Raisin sun, reflects and brings out the idea of American dream. Firstly, in the Raisin of the sun, the play has got the real and decisive crisis. However, Walter has to make decisions for the family. We find a Negro family under burden. Moreover, the Negros continually have this kind of pressure throughout the entire play. They often bend but they do not break. The kind of fittings create up an image of fight and delayed dreams and thus added to the tonal form. The message that Hansberry expresses here is that the Negros have to be tough in order to achieve their dreams. In the same sense Americans have to be tough in order to achieve their dreams. In the Death of the salesman, when Biff and Happy came up with the plan for selling sporting goods as a team Willy is all for it. Unfortunately, it seems too late for Willy to help himself or his sons. His inability to provide for his family materially, represents today’s American dream that has failed to meet the needs of the citizens.
When people work hard for a dream, it eventually comes to be. In the play, Raisin the sun, is a mama’s dream of buying a house with a yard in which Travis would play in during the summer time. This includes also a tiny garden for herself and money gets put away towards Beneatha’s school who always dreams of becoming a doctor. (Hansberry 44). This is mama’s dream. The dream will be achieved when the check arrives from their dead father’s insurance. When finally it arrives she will be able to pay for the fees and also buy all she needs for her happiness she wants. She has worked for it and she will achieve all this to her comfort. She has also trained her family to find pleasure in whatever they have and also what they believe in. Similarly, the Americans would only realize their dreams by working on them and earnestly trying all means possible to achieve them.

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