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The adsorption process was performed by adsorbing of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes onto [email protected] by batch technique. The stock solutions with concentration (1g/L) was prepared by dissolving of 0.1 g of dyes in 100 ml distilled water. A 0.1 g of [email protected] was added to 25 ml of dyes solution in brown glass with known pH and concentration. The tube was shaking in a magnetic stirrer for 1 h at 25 ?C. After adsorption the mixture were centrifuged and supernatants were determined spectrophotometrically. The concentration of remaining dyes solution were determined by measuring absorbance of solution at maximum wavelength for each dyes.
The percentage of dye removal (%E) and capacity of [email protected] (Q, mmol/g) were calculated by the following equation:
%E=(C?-C_e)/C?×100 (1)
Q=C?EV?m (2)
Where C? and Ce are the initial and remaining dye concentrations of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes in solution, respectively. V is the volume of Br.G, To.B and Tr.B dyes and m is the mass of [email protected]

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